Success Stories: Coolscarf Excelled After Digitising Their Business


Success Stories: Coolscarf Excelled After Digitising Their Business

Helping SMEs digitalise is one of the core principles of Exabytes.

We appreciate all success stories of our customers, and it gives us the drive to help more SMEs in bringing them online. 

We spoke to Coolscarf to hear their success story on how digitising their business has helped them compete in the intense areas of business, and at the same time brought growth to their sales.

Can you please share with us some details on the business nature of Coolscarf?

Coolscarf is a hijab business prioritising in comfort and high quality fabric. The fabric used in our hijabs are made from special jerseys and chiffon. These are our most popular products.

We prioritise in the comfort of our customers, making sure that each and every single piece of our hijabs are made to ensure utmost comfort.

Other than ready made hijabs, we also sell soft cloth veils and accessories for hijabs, such as magnetic pins for simple stylish hijabistas.

Which package did you choose from Exabytes’ #SamaSamaDigital program?

As our objective is to bring our business online, building an online store, we chose the All-In-1-Ecommerce Solution plan from the #SamaSamaDigital program.

We felt that this is the best suited plan for a new business like ours, and the most cost-effective. With the subsidies from Exabytes and Ekuinas, we managed to have our online store built at an affordable price.

What was your biggest challenge during MCO?

The hijab industry in Malaysia is considered huge, with fierce competition around. To make sure that our business does not get drowned by the many other brands around, we need an exclusive platform and great brand awareness to market our products and be seen.

How did Exabytes’ service help your business to grow?

With our online store, it is now much easier for us to manage our business and close sales. Our products are nicely displayed on our website with a real-time catalogue. Customers can now browse through our catalogue and make a purchase at any time of the day, wherever they are.

Though the stiff competitiveness of the industry, we managed to achieve an increase of more than 20% in our sales after transforming our business digitally, operating with our website. With our online store, we can now operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 

What we found to be an important feature is the Live Chat function on our website. With the Live Chat function, we are able to respond to customers’ enquiries immediately, gaining trust and credibility for our business.

The immediate response has also helped in increasing conversion rate.

What are your thoughts after joining #SamaSamaDigital?

In our opinion, the #SamaSamaDigital program is one of the best initiatives to encourage bumiputera entrepreneurs who want to digitalise their business with minimal capital.

We have come to realise that we need our own online platform if we want to compete in this stiff industry.

By having an online store, it has brought our business credibility, which in turn, gained customers’ trust for the company.

This campaign came at the right time and we are very grateful to have come across with the #SamaSamaDigital program.

How did you hear about Exabytes?

We got to hear about Exabytes through our friends who are entrepreneurs themselves.

They’ve embarked on the #SamaSamaDigital journey to take their business online and have recommended this program to us, to help our business grow, and survive through this pandemic.

One of the advantages of this program is the subsidy of up to RM10,000 for bumiputera companies. This is a great opportunity for us and we didn’t want to miss a good chance. 

The service we received from the team at Exabytes is of great satisfaction from the start. We are very happy with the end product of our website.

Would you recommend #SamaSamaDigital / Exabytes to your family and friends?

Yes, I highly recommend the #SamaSamaDigital program to all entrepreneurs out there.

We have seen a rise in our sales even during the MCO period and this proves that every business has its own opportunities provided that efforts are put in.

We hope that more entrepreneurs are aware of the importance in having their own online store.


We thank the team at Coolscarf for sharing their success story with us.

Exabytes is very proud to be a part of the digitisation process of Coolscarf and we hope that you will continue to grow in the future.