Success Stories: Cyberview


The importance of data backup, in this digital century.

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Can you tell us about Cyberview’s business nature?

Cyberview is a Tech Hub Developer where our role is to spearhead the development of the Cyberjaya ecosystem through research, development and commercialisation (R&D&C). Ten areas of emerging technologies are looked at, which are big data analytics, artificial intelligence (AI), creative content, Internet-of-Things (IoT), information security, mobile internet, green technology, cloud computing, robotics and systems integration. In addition to this, we have recently unveiled the new Cyberjaya masterplan, where we delve deeper on three tech clusters, which are Smart Mobility, Smart Healthcare and Digital Creative.

Our focus is to attract investors to come in and become part of the Cyberjaya ecosystem, which is designed to become the nation’s global tech hub and centre of innovation. Each tech cluster will be anchored by key industry players, that will pave the way for other companies, whether small or big, to tread on the same path.

We also work with various local developers for new projects such as for the construction of Hospital Cyberjaya and schools in making Cyberjaya a liveable and sustainable smart city. Cyberjaya has a flourishing startup environment and is heavily populated by more than 144,000 creators and innovators. The Cyberjaya ecosystem offers technology companies in particular, a conducive environment for their businesses to thrive.

We have a one-stop centre called the Cyberjaya Investment and Services Centre (CISC) which was established to provide end-to-end assistance and facilitation for investors and businesses to set up operations in Cyberjaya. Services offered include facilitation of market and ecosystem-related matters, talent sourcing, expatriate processes involved and facilitation on land and buildings available in Cyberjaya. The centre also serves as a City Services & Cybercity Manager, facilitating enquiries regarding the township and community of the smart city.

This centre serves as a touchpoint between investors and Cyberview, as well as a point of contact for the community at large. Besides non-physical form of contacts like email and the phone, our ambassadors are stationed at the CISC to attend to walk-in customers. Our ambassadors can be contacted via email at [email protected] or call/WhatsApp +603-87505170. The CISC is located at RekaScape, Persiaran APEC, Cyber 8, 63000 Cyberjaya and is opened from Monday to Friday, 9:30am to 5:30pm.



What are Cyberview’s business challenges as a tech hub enabler?

We were once known as a Tech Hub Enabler but with our roles expanding, we are now a Tech Hub Developer. The Government has entrusted us with the mandate of spearheading the development of Cyberjaya as explained in Question 1. This is a mammoth task that comes with many challenges.

With an increased adoption of technology especially in a post-Covid-19 era, we face a higher threat of cyberattacks. Most of our company practises use of digital cloud system to store all financial information and digitally-scanned documents. We handle most of the major developments in Cyberjaya and thus we have a wide range of databases, especially on information pertaining to our investors and customers. This information is important to us and must be stored securely. Hence, a great level of emphasis must be placed on cybersecurity to ensure that we are able to execute our responsibilities with integrity.

It is important that as we accelerate forward towards digitalisation, that we also take the necessary measures to ensure our data and systems are protected.

What are the major pain points prior to using Exabytes products & services?

Having a backup solution has always been crucial to us, considering the value of our database to our businesses, which is why in 2017, we decided to engage with Exabytes. Exabytes gave us sound advice to have our database backed up locally in our premise, as well as having additional safekeeping backup in the Exabytes storage. And thanks to all of these solutions, we survived a cyberattack in 2018, where we were hit by a ransomware virus. It was a big hurdle that we had to overcome as we had no antivirus solutions for our digital cloud system at the time, but Exabytes filled in that gap.

How has Exabytes impacted Cyberview?

Exabytes has professional expertise that we do not have internally but is considered to be very necessary. Exabytes has always been a reliable company and we’re happy with the efficient customer services provided thus far, in resolving technical issues promptly. As most of our systems and day-to-day management are based on digital platforms, it is imperative that we engage with a separate entity – in this case, Exabytes – to provide solutions in protecting and safekeeping valuable data that is stored in the cloud system. As we accelerate into a world of digital transformation, it becomes more important to do so, for the long-run.

What would be your advice for businesses in this digital century?

Always, always have additional backup solutions, especially in this digital age where cyberattacks are more common and more likely to happen, with an increased use of technology. As technologies evolve, cyberattacks have also become more advanced and rampant. This is not only important for businesses but it applies to everyone across the board, who have always store important individual documents digitally.

Let me give you an example of a personal friend of mine, who is a graphic designer. His usual routine is to store all digital artwork in his laptop and unfortunately, all his work was lost when his laptop was attacked by a ransomware. In this digital century, emphasis always needs to be placed on having additional backup solutions. While technology has made life easier, we are also more prone to malicious cyberattacks that could wipe out 10 years of work, for instance. While we enjoy the benefits of a digitally-advanced era, let’s also ensure our data are always stored safely.

On a larger scale, a jutting challenge that all of us are facing globally today, is the aftermath of the Covid-19 pandemic. Many businesses have been greatly affected by the Covid-19 pandemic. In a post-pandemic era, tech players need to be quick and adaptable to the new norm and must not be afraid to adopt digitalisation into their businesses, on a larger scale.

There will definitely be a stronger increase in the adoption of technology, as patterns and behaviours of consumers change, along with the demands of a new world. For instance, we will see an exponential increase in demand for technology such as autonomous vehicles, drones, artificial intelligence (AI) and robotics due to a post-Covid-19 world. These players need to take advantage of the existing tech ecosystem so that they can support each other through constant engagement and healthy business relationships. This encourages greater learning and stronger connections within the ecosystem, spurring innovation and potentially generating economic value.

At Cyberview, we always encourage startups and businesses to be agile and flexible in order to remain relevant. There are many opportunities out there, especially in today’s fast-changing world. This is the time for businesses to improve their products and services, while ensuring that existing consumers continue to be well-served.