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In recent years, online trading activity has increased 28.9% in Malaysia due to the hit of the Covid-19 pandemic and the Movement Control Order (MCO) that followed. Hence, it is proven that digital transformation is essential to grow the success of all organisations.

Organisations can implement and integrate digital technology into business processes, products or strategies to improve efficiency and effectiveness.

Digitisation is a process of transforming non-digital records and information digitally, whereas digitalisation is a practice of using digital tools to reorganise and optimise business activities.

Taking the step to grow digitally, organisations will witness business growth when the right digital tools and resources are adopted.

What is Exabytes Academy?

Exabytes Academy is aimed at enhancing the expertise of  individuals to help them grow their business online successfully. It mainly provides different types of training to share more insight and knowledge about digital solutions and how it can benefit your business growth.

Exabytes Academy was launched to support our clients and businesses who are interested to adopt digitalisation, up to the extent of equipping their team with the knowledge to implement, utilise and excel on through different digital solutions.

Exabytes Academy will address in detail various digital solutions, from introduction to the solution to hands-on daily utilisation.

Topics Covered about WordPress, Google Workspace, E-Commerce Website


WordPress is an open-source software for people to install, use and modify for free. In fact, The Walt Disney and Sony Music created their own website with ease on WordPress. It can be easy for everyone to create their own website with hundreds and thousands of themes, templates or backgrounds.

It is suitable for beginners and small businesses to learn how to create a website since WordPress provides user-friendly interfaces, SEO-friendly, secureness and it supports  all media types. Therefore, you can customise your site to fit your brand and style.

On WordPress, you can create just about any type of website, such as a personal blog for personal branding, portfolios, eCommerce stores and business websites.

Exabytes Academy’s WordPress workshop covers:

  • WordPress settings
  • A 45-Minutes live demo on blog site creation
  • Plugins to add functionality to your site
  • Best WordPress themes for beginners

Google Workspace (GWS)

Google Workspace is a set of collaboration and productivity tools that allow us to connect with anyone, anywhere. It consists of various tools to enhance the communication with your partner, between your team in the workplace, such as Gmail, Calendar, Meet, Sheet, Slides, Docs and more.

Google Workspace can be used to create and collaborate through documents, spreadsheets,  presentations, meets at any time and location at your convenience.e. Meanwhile, it is accessible to everyone in an organisation and ensures all business files are safe and protected.

Exabytes Academy’s Google Workspace workshop covers:

  • How to achieve faster decision-making process, face to face
  • How Google Workspace enables you to collaborate immediately
  • Sharing files securely and archiving in the cloud
  • How Google Workspace helps protect your gadgets and data

Ecommerce Website

Having an Ecommerce website becomes necessary for retail businesses.. In other words, the concept of an Ecommerce website is that you own a virtual store to promote and sell your products and services, 24 hours a day, even when you are asleep!

Running an Ecommerce website is cost-effective, has great flexibility, and is easy to manage and maintain.  Organisations can display a wide range of product lines and easily manage any amount of inventory. Hence, today many of us are  selling and shopping  on an Ecommerce website with ease and convenience.

Besides, Ecommerce website provide brand-new digital experiences and higher levels of social engagement between businesses and customers.

It can enhance customer satisfaction with faster response rate and by providing better services and quality, such as simplifying payment and shipping processes, real time responses and many more.

Exabytes Academy’s Ecommerce Website workshop covers:

  • Things You Need To Know About E-Commerce Website
  • Tips on choosing the right domain
  • How to choose and decide on a domain name
  • Different ways one can use to build a website

Are there any other topics you’d like us to cover? Let us know your feedback here

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