1. Embrace & use the F-word often. (Relax, F stands for feedback.)

Set up regular face-to-face meeting if needed in order to clarify, understand deeper to the situation and decode any confusing feedback you receive about your performance, your method or your approach in handling difficult situations. While it’s okay to clarify it, don’t debate it, argue about it, but accept it. Consider feedback as a valuable gift and when receiving it, the MOST appropriate response is: “Thank you!


2. Leave the words “human capital” in the textbooks.

In real life, you can’t treat people like they’re numbers in a paper or as “human capital” that can be sold off like a stock. That’s in free fall. They’re people, like you and me, with families and fears and aspirations for the future. And for most of their day, they choose to invest their time and energy in our organizations. 


3. HR strategy on turnover.

When planning your HR strategy, analyse your turnover numbers. Losing the top performing 20% of your people is 5 times more impact & hurtful in your organization than any other group. It’s not QUANTITY you’re losing, it’s QUALITY you’re losing.

4. Office Culture 

The HR professional recognizes, articulates, and helps form a company’s culture. Culture is a pattern of daily activities in a long run for office. Ideally this culture starts with clarity around external customer expectations (firm identity or brand), and then translates these expectations into internal employee and organization behaviour. As stewards of culture, HR professionals respect the past culture and also can help to shape a new culture. They coach managers in how their actions reflect and drive culture; they weave the cultural standards into HR practices and processes; and they make culture real to employees.

5.  In recruiting and hiring, Quality of candidates is more important than cost per hire. 

QUALITY OF HIRE IS VERY IMPORTANT. After a period of time, the only thing people remember is how great you hire was, not how much is the cost. People will only look for the result at the end. 

Nobody remember how much Cristiano Ronaldo cost to sign. And people don’t care, because he created billions income, good will of football team and championships. Nobody care how much the club invest to get him. 

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