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Red Panda — Award Winning Digital Agency

Opened in 2016:

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Introduce your business and tell us your story: What kind of business do you run?

We run Red Panda a brand Owned by NES Group (M) Sdn. Bhd. Red Panda is an Award Winning Digital Agency. Award with Malaysia Website Awards & also Malaysian Business Awards 2018 by APAC Insider. We are focused on not just providing quality services but also provide an amazing experience.

As a fast moving IT service provider in Malaysia and beyond, our service portfolio includes Web & App Development, Corporate Video Production, Social Media Marketing, SEO & Paid Advertisement Online.

We started off as a home-grown brand and over the years we have gone beyond and global. Through our strategic partnerships & business associates, we are humbled to share that we are now in Malaysia, Singapore, Saudi Arabia, Australia, USA, Germany. We are blessed to have clients from across the globe!

Over the years, we’ve initiated sponsorship to education group (Brainy Bunch School), Unity event like SaySomethingNice by Zubedy & also Bible College Malaysia for their upcoming graduation ceremony.

I was invited by University Malaya to lecture and teach young students about Social Media to support them for their event. Also, I became part of Lazada’s Expert Panel at one of their Seller Conference and was honoured to be a speaker at Exabytes Designer Club event in Penang. Thumbs up to the team for well organizing.

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Where are you headed as a business?

As an extremely fast-moving company, we are heading towards taking this platform to the next level. We are moving towards supporting young generations by providing them with a platform to be able to build up their careers. NES Group as a whole has plans to open up more brands to provide jobs, opportunities & be partners with other associations. We are also in the midst of planning to support local & overseas startups.

As we provide our clients with an experience with us they turn around to offer us longer termed agreements to continue work with them and even some offered to be equity partners to continue for years.

Lastly, we at NES Group (M) Sdn. Bhd. believes firmly that we are heading towards a great future helping/supporting others and contributing in other industries like Health, Education, Automobile & Property.

That’s basically we are headed to as a brand and as a company.

red panda company in meeting room red panda officeWhat convinced you to try our products/ service?

Knowing the fact that Exabytes provide an amazing support, great customer service & awesome after sale support is what is convincing. It was for me back then when I first tied up with Exabytes. I am a happy 9 years client of Exabytes Group. With .MY domain and email hosting, now I convince my clients to choose Exabytes only! And I have been doing it for many many years. Thumbs up to all the departments!

How have you benefited from using our product/service?

In many ways, Red Panda and our clients have benefited from your services, especially after joining hands as a Platinum Partner. The benefits of being an Exabytes partner is rewarding. Thank you for all the wonderful support and to the long-term partnership.

What would you tell other people who were thinking of starting their business journey online?

As a young entrepreneur myself, I started Red Panda when I was just 22 years old. I want to inspire the people who are really thinking of starting their business journey online and once in a while I do that through my channels on Facebook & Youtube and also personally when I meet them here and there.

Get ready to cope up with fast pace world.

This is our advise all the entrepreneurs and especially young entrepreneurial generation. We encourage them to go ahead with their business journey online and always tell them even in the challenges it’s gonna be totally worth it.

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I would like to truly thank you Exabytes for all the support over the years. I was and will be the biggest supporter of Exabytes for their great inspiration!

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