Align Marketing and Sales with a Data-driven Approach!


align marketing and sales with a data-driven approach

There’s a lot of buzz in marketing and sales advancing with data-driven strategies and techniques to truly listen to the modern B2B buyer’s needs and deliver accordingly.

Gone are the days when a customer solely depended on a salesperson to become aware of a product or visit a tradeshow to discover products that might benefit them.

With the modern age of technology and the internet, potential buyers gather product information and learn about service first before making a purchase.

After thorough research, if a customer contacts a sales executive, it’s to find a unique solution to their business requirements through customized services.

“77% B2B Buyers don’t contact a sales rep until they’ve researched about the products and services” – CEB Global

Modern Sales and Marketing has understood the importance of working together and how one impacts another on a vast scale.

Aligning marketing and sales benefits the organization and provides the buyer a comfortable journey through the sales funnel at every stage!

Communication is an essential factor that marketing and sales have to pay attention to and work together to strategize, implement, and measure campaign success.

According to Marketo, companies that align marketing and sales strategy have a 67% better chance at closing deals.

Let’s look at a marketing strategy that aligns marketing and sales with impacting the number of closed deals directly.

Database Marketing: Aligning Marketing and Sales with Accurate Data Insights!

The modern market space is looking at businesses in a data-driven environment to improve internal and external business activities.

Data has become an integral part of a company’s operations, marketing, sales, and human resources, thus proving to produce results that have been profitable to the organization.

Database Marketing is a form of direct marketing that involves leveraging customer data to understand customer needs and market through the most appropriate channel.

Understand customer needs and their pain points is the first step to genuinely identifying how your brand can be of significant help to them.

Customer insights accessible in a database involve collecting and analyzing critical data points to improve customer experience with tailored campaigns that deliver measurable results.

Customer data insights can help businesses charter a customer’s internet activity, the time they’re most active on social media, check their emails, and predict future sales by observing purchasing patterns.

Database marketing is one of the most effective ways to communicate with your customers and potential prospects.

The customer insights made accessible to you include the following:

Customer Data Insights Made Available Strategies/ Campaigns you can run
1.  Full Name Personalize campaigns by addressing them by their name. Personalization improves open rates and adds value to your campaign.
2.  Official Email Address Run Triggered Email Campaigns, Drip Campaigns
3.  Direct Dials Cold Calling and Warm Calling Campaigns
4.  FAX FAX Marketing
5.  Location Strategize geo-targeted campaigns
6.  Job Title Strategize campaigns to target a specific job title like C-Level Executives, Directors, Administration and more
7.  Industry Understand and curate content for campaigns relevant to the industry
8.  Social Media Profiles Engage with B2B contacts on online communities, forum and enable accurate social media marketing
9.  Industry Code Segment market to your audience with ideal allocated budget

Having established the data insights and how they can be utilised, let’s look at why Database Marketing is essential!

Importance of Database Marketing

The primary goal of database marketing is to utilize data in a manner that helps convey relevant marketing messages and curate a meaningful experience with your audience.

When an efficient database marketing system is in place, the following benefits can be achieved.

  • 360-degree View of Customer
  • Efficient Customer Segmentation
  • Potential leads and sales
  • Retarget and Retain Customers
  • Build Meaningful Relationships
  • Optimum Use of Resources
  • Relevant Content Marketing
  • Enhance Revenue & Profitability
  • Improve Product Development
  • Alignment of sales and marketing
  • Better Customer Service
  • Build Brand Credibility and Affinity

Database marketing companies like Marketo, DataCaptive, Zoominfo, DiscoverOrg, and ReachStream are accurate and reliable data providers that helped multiple global companies worldwide to help achieve sales and generate a diverse customer base.

Trusted Database providers give businesses access to the most reliable data that help improve ROI.

The type of data businesses can access through a database provider are:

  • Demographic data – Businesses can establish a customer’s age, gender, educational qualifications, geographic location, etc.
  • Acquisition data – Identify the channel or source from where they acquired a new customer
  • Activity data – Study their online presence, social media interactions, and website interactions
  • Transaction data – Identify buying patterns and how often they purchase a product
  • Technographic data – Establish the device with which they frequently interact

Data-driven marketing can significantly impact sales and can propel high number of closed-won deals when used effectively.

Database Marketing is now an approach that’s guaranteed to bring in higher returns and maintain a great deal of customer satisfaction, which builds brand loyalty and advocacy!

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A Case Study

Denmark’s largest online store wanted to adopt data-driven strategies to understand its customer needs and serve them better. They ran targeted email campaigns based on customer website behavior and employed personalized email campaigns based on customer interests.

This campaign strategy increased their opening rate by 290%, their click rates by 12%, and conversion rate by 80%.

By integrating customer data, they were also able to create unique customer profiles to define customer journeys and personalize online content relevant to their interest!

Key Takeaways

Data-driven marketing is not only reliable but also paves the way for result-oriented success in sales!

Brands have started to focus on building a long-term relationship with customers by consistently providing their customers with services that add value!

  • Align marketing and sales for successful conversions
  • Use multi-channels to target customer base
  • Integrate customer data to personalize sales journey
  • Understanding customer insights help cater to the audience better
  • Improve sales by adopting data-driven marketing
  • Invest in an efficient and trustworthy data provider