AWESOME Attendees at The AWESOME EEC2015!


EEC 2015

IT’S A WRAP! The long awaited Exabytes eCommerce Conference (EEC) 2015 was finally here last week.

To all the awesome attendees and speakers out there, THANK YOU for helping to make this momentous annual event a successful one.

Without further ado, let’s have a recap of the meaningful 2-day event!

#1 Registration started, followed by yummy breakfast and networking.

EEC 2015 event photo

EEC 2015 event photo
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Exabees were extremely happy that all goodie bags were snapped up in no time! EEC 2015 event photo

Breakfast was served soon. We hope everyone enjoyed the food. fried koay teow


Close interaction and networking among the attendees and Exabees before the event started.

EEC 2015 event photo

#2 Conference began.

The CEO of the Exabytes Group, Mr. Chan Kee Siak kick-started the event with a warm welcome speech.

chan kee siak

Thank you very much to all the esteemed speakers who selflessly shared their knowledge and knowhow!

We greatly appreciate your effort and valuable time.

EEC 2015 Speaker Appreciation Photo

EEC 2015 Speaker Appreciation Photo

EEC 2015 Speaker Appreciation Photo

EEC 2015 Speaker Appreciation Photo

More photos, please visit our flickr EEC album at: Exabytes eCommerce Conference 2015

To all our valued attendees, we sincerely hope that you enjoyed the event and learned something useful! 

eec 2015 event photo

#3 Lunch

We thank .ASIA for sponsoring EEC the hearty lunch boxes!

eec 2015 lunch sponsored by .asia

eec 2015 event photo

eec 2015 lunch box

#4 Networking

eec 2015 event photo

eec 2015 event photo

eec 2015 event photo

 Did you make any new friends throughout the 2-day event? It was truly a fantastic occasion for all to expand their network and share their own experiences!

#5 Have you tried a Foldio?

Foldio testing

Our attendees were extremely excited to have a try on the latest worldwide invention, Foldio — a simple foldable magnetic structure that allows anyone to set up a mini and portable studio quickly and easily anytime and anywhere.

testing snap product photo with light

mimi, lexus, soya

To further spice up the event, a Foldio was given away during the exciting lucky draw session.

Congratulations to our lucky winner! Hope you find it fun and useful!

EEC 2015 event photo

#6 Live Print Souvenirs

We’ve recently made this available to all our event attendees. As long as you hashtag your photos #eec2015, they will appear on our platform and we can print it out LIVE for you!

live print

Once again, a BIG THANK YOU to everyone for joining this event and making this happen! Without you guys, all these wouldn’t be a reality!

EEC 2015 event group photo

Do keep yourself updated with the latest postings of Exabytes eCommerce Conference official facebook page as we will be announcing EEC2016 any time soon!

Bookmark it if you don’t want to miss our SUPER VALUE early bird ticket promo. Cheers!

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