Al-Hadee Roslan Digital Marketer, an expert in Digital Marketing

Exabytes SEO Marketing workshop was successfully held at Exabytes Setiawalk office on 9 May 2019 to help you enhance and manage SEO marketing skills.

We’re glad to have our special Speaker, Al-Hadee Roslan Digital Marketer, an expert in Digital Marketing to share to the audience valuable tips and guidelines on digital marketing. Mr. Al-Hadee Roslan has helped businesses to focus on website creation, mobile apps, Google apps and HP enterprise service.   

Enhance and Manage SEO Marketing Skills with Exabytes

In addition, Mr. Hadee covered from basic topics to more in-depth ones, such as How Search Works and How to Monitor Your Website SEO Performance after Publishing, besides providing good advice on how to optimize to achieve good organic search ranking.

Last but not least, he shared with us what we should AVOID when setting up SEO Optimization.

The turnout was great, and definitely better than what we anticipated! The enthusiastic attendees not only brought home the valuable knowledge shared by Mr Hadee, but also a complimentary plan sponsored by Billplz!

We hope the attendees enjoyed learning from the workshop.

Thank you Billplz – Platinum Partner for supporting this event!

Upcoming Important Conference & Summit

To help SMEs and eCommerce businesses in the country to gain more knowledge and skills when it comes to growing their business online, Exabytes has organized these two upcoming grand scale annual important events that guide you on how to leverage your business and grow extensively online .

See you guys there!

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