Finding a Trusted Partner to Ensure Success In Your Ecommerce Business


finding a trusted partner to ensure success in your ecommerce business

JOCOM found its trusted partner who solved their what was before an ongoing issue as well as proved success for their eCommerce and digital business.

Malaysia’s first ever online grocery app, JOCOM, who started since 2014 as an m-commerce platform who specialises in online groceries and shopping has an aim to develop revolutionary mobile applications to provide customers with a new mode of shopping from the advent of mobile apps technology.

JOCOM exists with one sole objective which is to revolutionise the way you buy groceries and shop online using your smartphone.

JOCOM as a mobile shopping platform has provided a channel for businesses to transition into the new frontier of online business environment when it launched in the early days of 2014. And today, this channel of operating a business online is a worldwide known opportunity no business should go without.

How JOCOM Started?

JOCOM commenced its online business journey by subscribing to a shared hosting plan with Exabytes. As the business expanded, the imperative to enhance its technological infrastructure became evident to accommodate the surging traffic.

Starting from the initial shared hosting, JOCOM progressed to a dedicated server and later embraced cloud virtual machines within the Exabytes ecosystem.

jocom founders

As the online business continued its upward trajectory, marked by significant sales spikes on the eCommerce platform, JOCOM faced the escalating demand for a robust system with increased computing power to effectively manage the growing traffic and the expanding inventory.

“The Exabytes team has been our steadfast support from the inception of our eCommerce venture, aiding us in scaling our IT and eCommerce portal, especially during peak times when handling high surges of traffic during major online sales events like 10/10, 11/11, or 12/12.”

Growing Digitally with Exabytes

Over the last nine years, JOCOM’s business has experienced remarkable growth, and Exabytes, as their solution partner, remains dedicated to fostering their digital transformation journey for even greater achievements.

As JOCOM’s popularity and demand multiplied, they encountered a bottleneck wherein their API server struggled to scale automatically due to its traditional architecture. After meticulous investigations, Exabytes’ team of experts pinpointed the issue and proposed an affordable solution by introducing AWS to JOCOM.

A comprehensive and widely-used cloud computing platform provided by, AWS offers a vast array of cloud services, including computing power, storage options, networking capabilities, machine learning, analytics, security, and more. AWS enables businesses and individuals to access computing resources without the need to invest in and maintain physical hardware.

After making the decision to migrate, Exabytes facilitated the migration of JOCOM’s platforms from Exabytes’ servers to AWS cloud. Initially, the migration posed challenges due to JOCOM’s unfamiliarity with AWS, but the Exabytes team provided comprehensive support, guiding JOCOM through the process to ensure a smooth and successful outcome. Consequently, JOCOM’s eCommerce portal now thrives on the AWS platform.

The Rehosting and Replatforming approach has shown immediate results in terms of performance and scalability. We are still going through the optimisation process to further improve the customer experience of the eCommerce platform.

Value-added Services by Exabytes

As a trusted and reliable partner, Exabytes assured and fulfilled our promise to JOCOM by providing hand-holding support and confidence to the team at JOCOM throughout their digital transformation journey.

Exabytes has always put our clients at the heart of every innovation to drive growing results by providing the best and right solution(s) at the right time.  In line with our commitment to optimising costs for our clients, Exabytes went the extra mile by assisting JOCOM in securing funds from AWS to kickstart their migration journey.

This additional service exemplifies our dedication to ensuring the success of our clients’ endeavours.

JOCOM’s One Line

Exabytes and AWS are our trusted partner. We are grateful to Exabytes for introducing us to AWS as an upgrading option and we have seen significant success since, especially when it comes to our eCommerce and digital business.