Martin Tang

During the 6 years with Exabytes, Martin found his true passion, Search Engine Optimization (SEO). His proven track records include assisting in maintaining over 100 keywords on the first page of all Exabytes division websites. Moreover, with the experience of managing more than 50 SEO clients of Exabytes Digital, Martin is a true expert in helping companies to grow their business online.
The Future of Cloud Computing

The Future of Cloud Computing: What are the Impacts for Business?

Cloud computing is on the rise because it offers several advantages over traditional infrastructure.
What is the 3-2-1 backup rule

What is The 3-2-1 Backup Rule?

3-2-1 backup rule is an ideal starting point to build any disaster recovery plan on and It helps you get protected as soon as possible.
history of cloud computing

The History of Cloud Computing

The public release of the World Wide Web in the 1990s that the world is the first step towards creating cloud computing.
6 Latest Trends You Can’t Ignore in Wholesale Distribution

6 Latest Trends You Can’t Ignore in Wholesale Distribution

Pay focus on eCommerce, data-driven decision making, supply chain flexibility, global trade, AI and omnichannel marketing for B2B business. Learn the latest trend now!
15th Anniversary WordPress KL group photo

WordPress 15th Anniversary Celebration in KL

In conjunction with WordPress 15th Anniversary, Exabytes is glad to be part of the Wordpress Community Kuala Lumpur Malaysia to support this event. The...
Protect from WannaCry Ransomware Cyberattack

How to Protect from WannaCry Ransomware Cyberattack?

Introduction The WannaCry Ransomeware that swept the globe recently has proven so malicious. Many government systems were down because of this widespread cyberattack. According to...
Exabytes Digital - Digital Marketing Made Simple

Exabytes Digital: Exabytes’ Brand New Digital Marketing Agency Division

Introduction With an aspiration to assist more SMEs in achieving their online goals, Exabytes Digital, a Digital Marketing Agency, was established in 2017. Apart from...