8 Best Microsoft 365 Alternatives Available Today (Free+Paid)


Microsoft 365 alternatives

Office productivity tools like Worksheets and Spreadsheets are an integral part of the digital functions of a business in terms of documents, and data management. 

The profoundly used solution in the office productivity segment is Microsoft 365, with a wide range of options for spreadsheet calculations, word documents, presentation slides, etc.

For decades, Microsoft 365 has been a pioneer in the service.

With the emerging technological advancements, many other modern productivity tools are emerging as a potential alternative to Microsoft 365.

Here are some of the best alternatives available as Microsoft Office Alternative:

Libre Office

LibreOffice is a product line of The Document Foundation and split from OpenOffice.

As a free-to-use office productivity tool, the suite is an open-source solution offering the package of a word processor, presentation application, and spreadsheets.

One of the key developments and benefits of LibreOffice is its availability in 110 languages.

LibreOffice unlike Microsoft 365 uses the Open Document format as the main document type and still can support the different types of file savings possible in Microsoft 365. Predominantly in the Linux OS systems, LibreOffice is the default suite and can be easily installed on Windows or macOS too.

Technical support systems offered as integral to the open-source Software are phenomenal.

However, as LibreOffice is also very user-friendly like Microsoft 365, the need for support or technical assistance is very rare.

The platform also offers the option to export the files into PDF format and the scope for extensions available with LibreOffice supports managing the extra templates for documents as necessary as a good Microsoft office alternative.

Free Office

The other resourceful Microsoft office alternative is the FreeOffice suite available as an open source solution.

The key advantage of the FreeOffice suite is its familiarity with the user interface available in Microsoft 365.

Emerging as a good Microsoft office alternative from SoftMaker, the FreeOffice is one of the flagship products from the decades-old SoftMaker.

FreeOffice is a complete office suite effective for usage like Microsoft 365 and can be used for both enterprise and desk computer requirements.

Also, the seamless installation process of FreeOffice can be resourceful for distinct kinds of OS like Linux, Windows, and even in Android OS systems.

As a promising Microsoft 365 alternative, FreeOffice offers fully compatible solutions such as Word processing, PowerPoint formats, and excel as in Microsoft 365.

Also, the new interface launched in FreeOffice offers the users the option to work using the classic menu or use new age menu features.

Switching the document usage between Microsoft 365 office and FreeOffice is easier and user-friendly.

Even in the case of touch screen solutions, FreeOffice tools work phenomenally as is by Microsoft 365.

Google Workspace 

Google Workspace Admin Console

Google, one of the leading digital tech companies has its own set of office productivity tools launched in the global markets.

Quite popular among millions of users as a good Microsoft office alternative, Google Docs, Google Spreadsheets, and other features are available for the users.

Also, the other key advantage of Google office productivity tools is a free-to-use version, unlike the Microsoft 365 office products requiring a license.

The majority of the features possible in the Microsoft office suite or Microsoft 365 are feasible in Google Workspace offerings of an office productivity suite.

A major proportion of the global smartphones are powered by Android OS powered by Google and using the Google suite on android smartphones or tablets or computers can be a seamless experience.

However, one challenge imperative to the usage of the Google Workspace office suite is the online browsers in Windows OS platforms.

Unlike Microsoft 365, Google Workspace solutions are online-centric or can be launched as applications on android platforms.

But the ability to offer seamless services as in the case of Microsoft 365, the solutions are phenomenal and can be seen as effective Microsoft office alternatives.

WPS Office 

Powered by Chinese software company Kingsoft, the WPS office is a good Microsoft office alternative office suite resourceful for Windows, Android, iOS, and Linux.

WPS office suite range is available in a limited set of other languages apart from English and is a comprehensive office suite like Microsoft 365 office suite.

Users can avail of the free version with limited features for word processing, spreadsheets, and presentation, and the premium tier of WPS office offers more advanced features.

In the premium version, users can have nine devices connected at once, and is free of advertisements any in the free version.

The advertisements are a major drawback in the WPS office usage, unlike the Microsoft Office alternative.

Also, users have reported lag at times in the processing capacity, and it requires more feature integration and capability development before being considered as a full-scale Microsoft office alternative.

Zoho Workplace

Zoho Mail

Zoho Workplace is powered by Company ZOHO, offering a seamless quality of service. Zoho Workplace is seen as a potential and good Microsoft 365 alternative and offers a closer to Microsoft office package.

Zoho’s new look word processor (like Microsoft 365’s word) is very effective and has a friendly user interface.

Alongside the word processor, the spreadsheet solution and presentation tools offered by ZOHO are phenomenal.

Some of the additional features are site creation tools, file management solutions, and other collaborative tools.

For small businesses, the Zoho workplace can be a potential solution as a Microsoft Office alternative. Installation demands sign-up but has a comprehensive solution like Microsoft 365 offerings.

Word Perfect, Only Office, Polaris Office, and OfficeSuite are the free tier version of office tools emerging in the office productivity segment and is gaining popularity.

Despite its presence, and users relying on the services, in the features list comparison, these four office suites are yet to grow as a strong contender to the Microsoft Office alternative.

One major challenge with these sites is the issue of advertisement-centric revenue proposition, which impacts the workflow for users, due to high distractions.

Choosing the right set of office productivity tools like Google Workplace or Microsoft 365 depends on the application purpose, and the nature of documents, files, and information management essential for the users.

Reach out to Exabytes Malaysia for more details on the Microsoft Office alternative products, and choose the best fit solution for your business.

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