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Digital enablement of businesses including the use of email domains, and business email is taking place fast, and many of the SMBs working on conventional practices too are now focusing on digital and online presence and adapting to the changing trends.

Alongside the developments in terms of focusing on creating an online presence in terms of the website, using the ICT (Information and Communication Infrastructure), one of the key areas for focus to the businesses, and professionals about using email domains for business email for professional communication.

Some businesses though are using company email communication for official correspondence with customers and vendors, more often such an email address is not a professional email address.

They tend to use more personal email for business communication too.

Key reasons why businesses should focus on email domains and custom email for businesses. 


1. Trust and Reliability 

Survey results from various research reports highlight one common phenomenon – the emails sent from a professional email address or a business email domain has more credibility among the recipients.

People tend to read the emails received from a custom email, and it is a first impression that a business can create over its prospective customers.

Sending emails from personal email or non-custom email addresses can create trust issues among the recipients.

Also, the spam filters available in the email servers can potentially block any bulk emails sent from the personal email address.

Thus, a business needs to consider having a business email that is regarded as a professional email address.


2. Organizing the Team Communication 

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The other key benefit of using a custom email is the scope for organizing the business communication among the internal teams and external sources.

In the professional email addresses, the benefits are about the email domain hosts offering additional features like cloud storage for each email user, and file sharing among the groups using the workspace solutions.

More often in the custom email solutions, the scope for internal communication like task scheduling, reminders, and group calendar sharing are some of the common features.

On a personal email or free email address, access to such features shall be limited.

Using business email communication can help the teams stay better organized and have the right kind of communication with internal and external sources.


3. Accessibility 

Most of the businesses work well-wishing and welfare of their workforce. In work-life balance, one of the critical issues is the behaviour of people often checking their emails

Even during non-working hours, they might tend to keep a look at the emails and address the business requirements.

However, to keep employees more focused, there has to be a limit on their working or office hours. 

Features like auto-reply solutions, and creating aliases to the business email, wherein the reserve team at a desk can support queries are some key benefits of having a professional email address

4. Access to Business Suite Apps 

Many of the modern-day e-business applications offering free trials or limited invitees’ kind of access to the e-business applications insist on a custom email and professional email address.

It is very important for SMBs considering the usage of such business suite applications to consider email domain and having custom email for all the employees in the business.

In the other dimension, even for the call-for-action pages, the company email address created should be a custom email and a proper business email seen by the customers for gaining trust.

Imagine a business asking you to write your query to the personal email address of any employee, would we gain trust over such sources?


5. Privacy and Data Security 

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Information processing and regulation among personal or free email addresses is not an advisable practice.

More specifically for SMBs working in a business segment wherein privacy and data security is a compliance requirement, it is realistic and essential to use business email for data exchange.

This is to avoid any kind of breach of privacy from the personal or free email address of the staff.

Even post their exit from the job role, the business will not have any control over personal email.

Encryption in email communication over a proper and professional email address is an integral feature with many email domain hosting service providers.

It will boost the security features for email correspondence and the data from such business emails

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6. Admin Controls 

In a personal or free email address-based communication among the teams, there is hardly any control over the communication on the business lines.

Whereas, in business email communication, using the control panel offered for an email domain, the admin team can create a custom email for the staff, manage the controls on a professional email address like password reset, monitoring the usage of the email, profanity filter set-up, and many more.

Also, there are features like the forwarding of emails between the team members within an email domain, and integration of other third-party applications aligned for usage with email domain hosting.


7. Optimizing the Usage

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Planning bulk email marketing, sharing the professional quotes for the products or services, managing the unique identity of the professional email address for the teams, using collaborative tools and internal task scheduling, and many more are not uncommon features in a custom email.

It is paramount that the business should focus on using the business email usage with an apt professional email address, it can support overall productivity and optimal management.

The other key aspect of modern-day email domain hosting is scalability and flexibility offered as a pay-per-use service.

More often, the billing for the email domain hosting services is based on several professional email addresses active in the system, and it is certainly optimizing the usage and cost factors.

Also, the uptime for the email business domain is assured by the service providers, alongside information security practices and compliance standard adherence.

This will ensure that all professional email address communication is secured and handled effectively.


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