Boost Your Enterprise Productivity with These Must-Have Google Workspace Tools


Google Workspace (GWS) Enterprise Collaboration Tools

In the modern world, every business is adopting tools and measures to optimize workforce efficiency.

While there are several productivity tools available in the market, Google Workspace is amongst the most popular.

Since its inception, more than 5 million paying businesses are paying for google workspace or g suite products as their preferred online collaboration tools to improve the performance of the business and increase productivity.

Formerly known as G Suite, Google Workspace (GWS) helps enterprise businesses of all sizes meet their goals with various productivity tools under its umbrella like Gmail, Google Meet, Google Drive, Google Calendar and more.

How do these productivity tools help?

  1. The Google Suite or G Suite apps play an important role in effective communication and strong collaboration.
  2. The online collaboration tools provided by Google Workspace enable businesses to position, market, and operate anytime and anywhere.
  3. The Google Workspace tool set stimulates your business’ productivity with shared apps like shared drive, 5TB cloud storage, vault, custom business mail and more.

Top 8 Google Workspace Productivity Tools for Enterprise Businesses.

Google Workspace Interface


As part of online collaboration tools, Google Workspace offers business email to connect with the team members.

As the business scales, the requirement for business email increases as well.

Using the G Suite business email feature, a business can engage actively with their audience and stimulate participation.

Below is a list of features offered with Gmail from Google Suite as productivity tools.

  • Spam emails filter 
  • 30GB of space for your emails, documents, and other files
  • Customized business email 
  • Time-saving functionality 
  • Smart Reply and Compose 
  • High-priority Emails 
  • Email Nudges 

Premium online collaboration tools like Gmail (Google Mail) in google workspace are beneficial for a business to induce productivity and help employees manage their work seamlessly.

Google Calendar

The Google Workspace Calendar is one of the best productivity tools out there. 

Following are the 3 Must-Know Tips using Google Calendar

  • One can create a New Event in the Google Calendar using shortcuts in google workspace – type in the browser to enter new event details. 
  • Google Calendar in google workspace helps one display multiple time zones in settings.
  • One can receive a ‘Daily Agenda Email’ owing to GWS as productivity tools to minimize delays.

Google Calendar is one of the major components of G Suite.

The motive is to let the team members and business users organize, schedule, and plan their commitments using online collaboration tools.

A shared calendar helps plan, prioritize and derive optimum efficiency.

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Google Keep 

Google Keep - Google Workspace

Google Keep is a core service from G Suite that helps in capturing instant ideas.

This Google Suite feature encourages brainstorming by making it easy using Google Keep from Google Workspace.

In addition, employees can filter their notes to get ideas from their past notes.

Using Google Keep of Google Workspace, employees find suitable options to take down meeting notes. Using the checked list feature, the organizer can set an agenda as well. 

Google Form

The Google Workspace suite includes Google forms which is part of online collaborative tools to collect crucial data.

A Google form is available through GWS to analyze surveys and conduct quizzes.

Using Google forms of the upgraded version of formerly known G Suite, one can receive opinions, feedback, and ideas from employees for specific projects.  

One can use Google Forms to make it easy for businesses to reach large audiences, to drive opinion polls and other such activities.

Enterprise businesses use Google forms in their Google Workspace package to ease the work process. 

Use Google Forms (Google Workspace tool) in just 3 Steps:

Step: 1 Go to Google forms through GWS –  

Step: 2 Set up a new form and edit it by business with Google Workspace. 

Step: 3 Send out the link of the form to your employees/customers and collect their responses. 

Google Drive

Google Drive Interface

Google Drive is a collaborative tool within Google Workspace that helps in cloud-based team collaboration for businesses.

Google drive is  free with your Gmail account, however, a premium version is offered with higher g suite plans like Business and Enterprise of google workspace.

Google Drive is one of the best online collaboration tools.

The Google Workspace suite offers productivity tools like Google Drive to store information through documents, sheets, slides, forms, and basic graphics.

Google drive includes features of collaborative folders through G Suite to continue working on several projects at the same time.

Faster creation and access to information are one of the core benefits of using Google Drive in Google Workspace.

Google Meet

The best part of Google Workspace offerings is Google Meet which is a video-communication service.

Google Meet is the combined benefit of two G Suite apps – Google Chat and Google Hangouts which have been replaced by Google Meet. 

A business can run real-time meetings using such online collaboration tools of GWS and schedule presentations, meetings and other interactive sessions with internal teams, external partners and clients.

Anyone with a Google Account with Google Workspace can schedule a meeting using Google Meet and invite up to 100 participants with the free version. 

If the business requirement is more than 100 participants, one could go for Business Standard and Business Plus Plan from the GWS. 

Get Google Workspace pricing plan from Exabytes to connect and collaborate with your team. 

Google Sheets, Google Slides and Google Doc

Online collaboration tools of Google Workspace such as Google Sheets, Google Slides and Google Docs can be used together to create slides, spreadsheets, and documents.

Working with Google’s productivity tools streamlines the process to share resources, edit documents, and create presentations to achieve the organization’s goal.

Use Google Sheets to create:

  • Web-based spreadsheets for a team project.
  • Online slide shows and presentations for a business meeting. 
  • And collaborate on a single idea with different members. 

Productivity tools from Google accelerate business processes help reach the goal faster.

Google Vault 

Google Vault is one of the productivity tools of Google Workspace for eDiscovery that can retain, search and store data from Gmail, Google sheets etc.

Vault is present in the Business and Enterprise edition of Google Workspace.

Round Up

Exabytes offers some of the best online collaboration tools that help integrate effective communication, productivity, organization, security, conversations, and storage in the business to succeed.

To learn more about Google Workspace for your business, connect now.

At Exabytes Singapore – we are available 24x7x365 for tech support and readily available in business hours for any sales and customer service consultation.

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