Is Business Blogging Outdated & DEAD? YES, unless it’s done right!



business-blogHere is the question – Why should you create a business blog?

“I have no time to do it!”

“I have many things to do, now a blog?”

“Blogging doesn’t give any direct benefits to my business”

These are what many of us might think when it comes to business blogging. But what many of us didn’t realize is that a business blog is a brilliant way to connect with your customers besides Establishing/Reinforcing your brand.

It is not a waste of time or effort. In fact, it is one of the most cost-effective ways to promote your business which will inevitably lead to more sales. Other than that, it also helps to establish your business as a leading brand in the industry.

Blogging if done right, can drive traffic to your website too!

Although business blogging is a great way to gain exposure and reinforce your brand in the industry, do not focus on making money when it comes to business blogging. This is because the purpose of a business blog is to provide genuinely useful information to your audience. If all your blog contents are about promoting your business, your readers are smart and they will figure out you are just out there to make money from them without offering your expertise/helping them.

So here is how you can create a successful business blog:

#1 Consistency

Be consistent with your updates. Whether it is daily, weekly or monthly, it is important to be consistent. This shows your audience that you do update your blog regularly. If they love it, they will wait for your next post for sure!

#2 Write to your audience

Be reminded that this blog is not for you, it is for your audience. Make sure that you find the right content to feed your audience, or you can provide the guidelines on how to use/make full use of your products or services through blogging too.  These are the information that your audience may be looking for.

#3 Create valuable content

A valuable content helps to establish domain authority in your industry. Other than that, it helps to gain repeat visitors who trust you and are willing to part with their money when you something good to offer.

#4 Simple & Sweet

Keep your blog post short and sweet; it is better to use simple and short sentences. As most online readers usually scan through the blog contents instead of reading word by word, make sure your blog posts are simple, short, straight to the point and easy to understand, unless you are giving highly professional advice that requires highly detailed explanation.

#5 Plan your content

Create a posting schedule for your blog content. For example, if you plan to blog on a weekly basis, plan for all the content you will be posting in a content table for the entire month in every beginning of the month. This enables you to choose your topics easily and target different types of readers.

#6 Construct a good headline/title

Now you have good content, but you still need attractive headlines/titles to attract readers’ attention. Do not overlook the power of a blog title – it’s the reason why your readers click to read on. And if your blog title is catchy enough (coupled with great content), your post might go viral on social media.

#7 Measure your blog’s performance

You write all the blog posts and share on every social media platform, but you do not know which blog post actually pulls in the highest traffic. Thus it’s always wise to have an analysis via Google Analytic – which is totally FREE! From all that information, you can accurately find out what your readers like, and how you can improve your future blog posts.

So here are some of the important tips on how to create a successful business blog. We hope you find this useful!


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