Exabytes Team Building 2013 At The Soothing Gunung Jerai (Part 1)


Date: 27 – 28 April 2013 (2 Days 1 Night)
Venue: Regency Jerai Hill Resort at Gurun, Kedah
Number of Exabees: 63

Gunung Jerai, a scenic and picturesque tourist attraction that welcomes its visitors with the most soothing vacationing experience was the destination of Exabytes Team Building 2013. Standing at 986 meters (3,235 ft), it is a place tourists enjoy captivating scenery, chilling wind, serenity and good food.

Exabees’ journey to Gunung Jerai started at 10.00 am on 27 April. Our chartered bus which picked us up at Suntech, Penang Cybercity and Chai Leng Park, Butterworth was on time to send us to the most anticipated mountain in Northern Malaysia.

After a 90-minute journey, we reached the foot of Gunung Jerai; we were just 45 minutes away from the top of the famous mountain.

Upon reaching the top, we checked in, had our delicious lunch while appreciating the wonderful panoramic view before the workshop conducted by CEO Chan began.

The workshop soon started with a 10-minute ice-breaking session; several sets of puzzles were distributed to Exabees who were divided into 6 different teams.

In this session, the team which managed to put the puzzle together in the shortest time would win. After solving the puzzle hand in hand, we formed 6 new teams and vowed to take on the challenges in our next endeavors.

Next, our team building activities kick-started without any delay! This session consisted of a total of 4 games with a few 15-minute intervals in between.

All 4 games required high level of team spirit, great coordination as well as understanding among Exabees. In addition, the 4 games involved the use of 4 different materials namely ropes, A4 papers, newspapers and straws.

In the first game, 2 ropes were handed out to each team with 2 loops at the end. Each partner would then put both of his hands in the loops of the ropes and cross over their partner’s rope.

Next, one of them would need to untangle the crossed rope without getting his hands out of the loops. The team that completed the task in the least amount of time would win.

Subsequently, it was the game which really tested our creativity. Each team was handed only a piece of A4 paper; but we were asked to cut a hole in the paper (to any shape we like) so that 5 team members could fit into the hole! Check out the pictures taken!

The third game is called “dancing on the newspapers”. All Exabees formed a group of two respectively and danced on the newspapers when music was played.

When the music stopped, both partners must stop dancing and fold their newspaper into half. The dancing would continue when the music started again, only this time the ‘dance floor’ had gotten a lot smaller!

Eventually, the last team which was still able to dance on such a small ‘dance floor’ would declared the winner.

The last game, arguably the most fun, needed us to build the tallest tower using only straws! Not only that, the tower must be able to withstand a bottle of 500ml mineral water putting on top of it without collapsing.

Tired but still upbeat, we were on to the next challenge to cook good food for ourselves in the next team building cooking competition!

Stay tuned for our next post, in which Exabees would cook mouth-watering food to impress themselves and their judges!

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