How can I get more GOLD for my business during Rio 2016 Olympics?


How can I get more GOLD for my business during Rio 2016 Olympics-

Rio 2016 Olympics (5th August – 21st August) is the biggest sport event in the world. With more than 200 countries participating in 42 sport disciplines, the global event is set to generate much interest and attention, and pull a large crowd — not only in front of TV, but on Online Platform such as YouTube, Google Search and social media!

Sports related industries are already aiming to dig as much ‘Gold’ as possible from the event that spans over 2 weeks. Many business owners may think the international sports event will only benefit some sports related industries.

However, if you’re creative and innovative, the hidden GOLD MINE (Business Opportunities, Digital Opportunities) is actually awaiting your discovery.


First and foremost, what did we learn about the previous Olympics Games in London?

Digital coverage exceeded television coverage for the first time in Olympic history.

Source: International Olympic Committee Marketing Report London 2012

While people all over the world are switching from TV to Online Platform (such as YouTube, Google Search, Social Media) to view the Olympics content, netizens in Southeast Asia are doing likewise on their smartphones. In fact, many mobile users prefer the flexibility and portability of the smartphone which allow them to access any news, scores or updates instantly with just a few simple touches and swipes.

Do you see the hidden GOLD MINE now?

Businesses that move fast will be able to Capture the Olympics moments and Digital Opportunities!

Now let us share with you these 4 ideas to connect your business to the most famous global sports event!

Relay race sports

#1 Link your Promotions to the Olympics

Apart from sportswear, sports equipment, sports fitness classes, what other products or services will experience sudden increase in demand?

The answers would be smartphones, television sets, travel, sports events or even internet service providers. To get the best viewing experience, sports fans will choose to watch live sports games with their digital devices. Thus changing/updating your current promotions, and link them to the Olympics will definitely generate more attention and even sales to your business.


#2 YouTube Advertising

Youtube example - OlympicsStarting from 5th August 2016, the whole world will be searching the Olympics games videos, many on YouTube. As differences in time zone make it hard for working Malaysians to watch all the games live, many would flock to YouTube (videos on demand, view instantly) to watch their favourite games.

Need effective digital advertising during Rio 2016 Olympics? Go for YouTube Advertising.

If you have any questions regarding YouTube Advertising, our professional consultant can help! Feel free to contact us.


#3 Social Media Campaigns

Still remember Chickaboo, the runaway ostrich on Federal Highway in Kuala Lumpur? Netizens were crazy about it and the Internet was filled with Chickaboo-inspired ads. Many were quick to seize the DIGITAL OPPORTUNITIES.

So what about the coming Rio 2016 Olympics?

To seize this opportunity, pay attention to all most updated news, sports jokes and other related topics, and use it to your advantage to reach more audience!

If you want even better results, Facebook Ads is a good solution to reach your potential clients. Do you need more assistance? Contact us for FREE consultation.

SSD VPS - ostrich


#4 Partnership/Collaboration with Sports Community

Two is better than one — partnership can bring a win-win situation. For international events like the Olympics Games, the organizer always gets sponsorships from many international companies.

Wish to boost your brand awareness? Look for local sports related events, exhibitions, facilities or magazines and offer to partner with them.

The exposure you gain for your business during this period will be priceless.

In a nutshellchampions Olympics

If we miss out on Rio 2016 Olympics, we will have to wait for 4 years for the next opportunity.

In order to identify the “GOLD Mine” for your business, consider different strategies based on your nature of business. Many of you might already be aware of the emergence of new markets during the Olympics games.

So are you ready to ACT on it, and seize the golden digital opportunities?

Act NOW and be a champion!


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