Cloud Service & Bank Service


cloud service vs bank service

An ancient method for our ancestors to keep their money was to have it hidden under the pillow.

Certainly, it was not the safest method to keep valuables or in this case, money.

The same happens when businesses keep their valuables, in this case customer details or other important data on a personal computer in the office.

In the old days, we all stored our important business data using the paper-based system.

Slowly businesses had adapted to storing data on a computer or hard disk.

And now, with new technology, THE SAFEST STORAGE METHOD is with Cloud Service, in which your important data is safely stored away from your physical premises.

Thefts, floods or fire can occur, but your data is still safe!


Is It Really Safe?

Absolutely Yes!

During the automatic data storing process, your important data is encrypted to ensure the highest privacy and protection.

*Encryption provides a very strong security.

In the past, people initially could not accept the fact that they could store their hard-earned money at a third party place, the bank.

Slowly people had trusted that it’s safe.

The same goes to Cloud Backup Service!

Your important business data is in the good hands of Exabytes when you store it via Exabytes Cloud Backup Service.


1) Storage Size

A traditional paper-based backup system requires a physical space to keep your files. The space needed increases from time to time when you have more data.

It is a financial burden to continuously rent or buy a physical space to store your important files.

Cloud Service:
A cloud service can solve this problem as it does not take up any physical space in your premises.

The space needed is in digital form, and users just need to pay a small amount of money to get the service to store their data.


2) Vulnerability

A traditional paper-based system is a document management system which is 100% paper-based.

Papers are vulnerable to damage in the event of fire, flood or simply to insects.

Cloud Service:
With cloud service, your important data is stored on a server, which is safely placed in a data center.

The data center has a very strong security and only authorized personnel can have access to it.

Besides, data centers are well equipped to prevent damage to servers in the event of fire, flood and other natural disasters.


3) Mobility

Traditional paper-based system does not allow you to bring along your stored data anywhere.

Cloud Service:
The data that is stored with cloud service has very high mobility, i.e. users can access the data on any mobile device that has an internet connection.

In other words, users can have access to the data when they are away from the office without bringing anything physical with them.

They can just access the data required anytime and anywhere.


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