Success Stories: KIMMU (Group of Companies)


Success Stories: KIMMU (Group of Companies)

Success stories from our customers are always a big motivation for the team at Exabytes to work harder, move on further and serve better. 

We spoke to KIMMU (Group of Companies), a company originating from Batu Pahat, Johor, who has now expanded into the main city of Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur and Selangor, as well as internationally, in Singapore and Bangkok.

KIMMU got in contact with Exabytes to learn about the possibilities of how Exabytes can help KIMMU in growing their business digitally.

Tell us a little bit about your company

KIMMU Group is a group of companies specialised in manufacturing and trading building materials.

We are well known in the domestic market as a material supplier for various industries including hardware retail, trading house, private & public sector construction.

Our strength in custom made & OEM service make us a preferred partner for international customers from SEA, Australia & USA.

What was your purchase with Exabytes? 

We wanted to upgrade our business, and the systems that run our daily operations.

We realised that an online store is almost vital now, as well as SEM services for us to gain exposure online, and get quality leads from domestic and international customers.

An online store is also a channel to help our business grow.

After detailed advice and recommendation from Exabytes, we got a domain name, an Email Hosting, started Bulk SMS Service and an e-Commerce website.

What is your success story with Exabytes? How has Exabytes’ products and services helped your business?

We engaged Exabytes to get our domain registration, set up email hosting, start a bulk SMS service, build an online store as well as SEM service.

All services we received are up to our company’s satisfaction. We are happy with the workflow, timelines and responsiveness from Exabytes’ service when it comes to getting support.

Each time we faced an issue, we were responded to in a short period of time. This is important for us as we cannot afford to have our systems paused for a long period of time each time when an issue arises. 

After having the above services set up for our company, we could see that there has been an increase in our sales and productivity. The Bulk SMS Service has alleviated the tedious task from our colleagues, where they used to have to contact our customers one by one. 

What has helped us lessen our operations process is having our online store built. With this online store, we no longer need to process our orders manually, or compile our daily sales record physically.

All data and transaction details are made available on our online store backend system, with useful customer data.

Getting a domain has helped us gain awareness, and in turn, driving traffic to our website.

We believe that with a domain name relating to our company and a website, we have also gained trust from potential and our existing customers.

When purchase confirmation is sent from a company email, with a domain relating to our company name, this enhances the assurance of us as a valid company to customers. 

How did you hear about Exabytes and are you likely to recommend Exabytes and its services to your family and friends?

I got to know about Exabytes through a colleague. Yes, I will definitely recommend Exabytes to my family and friends.

Their products and services have amazed me, and come as a huge help to our company. Things are much more in place now for our company.

We are very happy with what Exabytes have recommended us and set up for us. 


Exabytes is more than happy to learn that our products and services have managed to ease KIMMU’s production process.

It is always nice to hear that our recommendations and service have managed to alleviate some burden on company staff.

We wish KIMMU all the very best, and anticipate the growth in your business, especially now with an online store.