Press Conference on Launch of KHES (Kaspersky Hosted Email Security)


In conjunction with the recent partnership of Exabytes with Kaspersky Lab to introduce KHES (Kaspersky Hosted Email Security), an official press conference which attended by more than 15 members of the press was held at Mid Valley SME Expo on 30th June at 2.00 pm.

Couldn’t stress enough on the importance of internet security to any company/individual to avoid being the easy target of hackers and phishers who steal personal/financial information online, CEO Chan once again presented at the event the promotional add-on rate of RM120 for the first year for every 10 mailboxes with renewal of RM300 per year for 10 mailboxes.

For new clients, the introductory price is RM300 compared to the regular price of RM600 per year for 10 mailboxes. “We want to encourage our clients to protect themselves against these hackers and phishers who cause users huge amount of money each year. And that’s the reason we are offering discounted introductory price”, said Chan.

Also present at the press conference was Mr. Jimmy Fong, Channel Sales Director, SEA, Kaspersky Lab. Jimmy quoted some highly convincing data by Kaspersky showing that from the close of 2009, the number of malicious programs designed to steal any type of users’ personal data has increased by more than 100%.

Moreover, based on a recent survey conducted by IDC Security, about 58% of Asian manufacturers do not know how many security events have occurred in their organizations in the past 12 months.

“These cyber criminals have great experience in penetrating corporate networks, stealing personal and financial information from users. For clients who do not have IT support personnel, they are especially vulnerable to these attacks, and KHES can do just the right job by giving Exabytes’ clients a piece of mind.” Fong stressed.

CEO Chan was particularly impressed earlier this year after several stringent and extensive test lab sessions and follow-up analyses were carried out on Kaspersky products especially its cloud solution.

“The commitment from Kaspersky team really caught our attention. Apart from the numerous benefits of KHES including world-class protection, rapid deployment, maintenance-free and cost effectiveness, it allows the IT support personnel in a company to focus more on its core duties since KHES will be the security guardian to the company’s network”, Chan was quoted as saying at the press conference.

The dedicated members of the press were then treated to some refreshments before Kaspersky press kits such as free Kaspersky pens, notepads and USB thumb drives were given away in the goodie bags.

Amid flashes of cameras, Chan and Fong ‘sealed the deal’ with the signature handshake, symbolizing the beginning era of stronger cyber protection for Exabytes clients.