What’s Next After Digital Transformation?


Because of the MCO, we understand the great importance of digital transformation. Of course, transformation is always hard. But the current situation has once again highlighted to businesses that digital transformation is truly essential. 

And that’s why SME DigitalFest is back! The upcoming SME DigitalFest 3.0 Webinar aims to update your understanding of digital transformation, and most importantly, the OPPORTUNITY that lies in this unprecedented time. It’s a major shift that fundamentally changes how businesses generate value for business owners, stakeholders, suppliers and customers using digital technologies! 

SME DigitalFest 3.0 Webinar 

SME DigitalFest aims to help Malaysia SMEs and emerging businesses with the use of pertinent information, knowledge, techniques, and solutions to propel their growth and development and thrive in an increasingly competitive market environment.

The theme for SME DigitalFest 3.0 is Entering the Shift Age: Opportunities Post Digital Transformation, a great topic that focuses on adaption, execution and strategies. Several eminent experts and solution providers will be there to share their valuable experience.

Some of the exciting topics include: 


#1 What’s Next After Digital Transformation?

We know the importance of digital transformation. But what comes next after digital transformation? The discussion will go deeper into adaption, execution and strategies.

#2 Post-COVID19 Payment Trends – Towards A Cashless Society

In this unprecedented time, the use of digital wallets has increased tremendously mainly due to the safety concerns of using public payment terminals. How long will it take for Malaysia to become a completely cashless society? Let’s explore and discuss the current and future payment trends in Malaysia.

#3 Digital Marketing for Beginners: How to Get Started

Digital marketing is getting more and more important, especially in this challenging time. Businesses will need to implement digital marketing strategies to get more leads, sales and branding effect. This discussion will reveal some valuable tips on how you should get started with digital marketing for your business.  

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