5 Ways How EasyWork Revolutionizes the Way You Work



This is How EasyWork Revolutionizes the Way You Work

At EasyWork, we understand that most small-medium enterprises (SMEs) have a small budget.

Most also do not depend on any administrative system to boost their business efficiency and productivity.

The scenario is understandable as many administrative Apps available on the market are complicated, and require a monthly fee!

However, the latest EasyWork App is soon gonna change all that perception!

Check it out!


1. EasyWork lets you organise your company

Companies that use EasyWork can create their very own company profile.

They then can add in their employees via an invitation link or QR code that ties them to the company.

You can choose to replicate the departments that you have in your company in EasyWork’s Department feature.

You can also grant user access levels as you might have a Human Resource department and you want them to have more control over the app.

When companies have successfully replicated or created the environment they want in the app, administrative tasks can be done more easily with the filters provided by EasyWork.

2. EasyWork provides a fun and rewarding environment

EasyWork is not only about administrative task purposes. EasyWork allows companies to have some internal fun.

EasyWork Poll and Reward feature is built for this purpose. Company employees can create Poll topics and allow either the entire company or certain groups to vote for their opinions.

For instance, “Where to go for lunch?” or “Where should the next team building location be”. Polls are meant for employees to interact with each other, strengthening the bond.

EasyWork Reward feature allows employees to reward one another using points as an appreciative gesture.

3. EasyWork has all the basic administrative functions in app

EasyWork provides users with various administrative forms (Leave, Medical, Financial, Request and more) within the app.

Users can send in their application from Leave to Request.

Companies can use these forms to better manage their employees by having a record of the things going on in their company in the administrative area.

The app also allows users to keep track of their previous requests.

Users can also look back at the requests that have been Approved or Rejected using the filters.

4. EasyWork offers instant notifications

One of the greatest thing about EasyWork is it is an app.

Apps come with various benefits, such as mobility.

EasyWork provides instant notification to notify each and every user who are involved in an activity.

When someone new joins the company group; when someone requires your approval on an application; when someone has rewarded you with points and as long as you are mentioned, EasyWork will send you an instant notification to notify you.

This is a very important and Practical feature as we often get too distracted with our daily routine, which makes us forget or ignore the requests made by others.

5. EasyWork is available for iOS and Android

EasyWork is available is both AppStore and PlayStore.

Users just need to download the app on their smart devices and enjoy a simple yet powerful tool in your pocket.

This makes administrative tasks even simpler and convenient as we carry our smart devices everywhere we go at all times.

Do you think EasyWork App can revolutionize the way your company works, and most importantly, increase productivity and cut down on waste?

Most of our users say Yes, but you gotta try it to tell it!

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