Google is giving away FREE ‘’ domain


On 22nd August 2017, Google broke a good news to SMEs around the world, which could be one of the most talked about topics in 2017.

Google officially bought for Google My Business, and every member of Google Business is allowed to get their own domain for FREE!

Radix,  the domain registrar that owns the exclusive rights to operate new domain extension .SITE, confirmed that it had sold the domain name to Google.  

Benefits of Having a Domain:

As part of Google My Business, small businesses are allowed to create a free website with a free business site domain name. Do a simple search on and you’ll be surprised to see 400,000+ results of websites that are already live using the domain

A big increase in the usage of domain is expected in the near future.  Many have started to realize that registering a .site domain name will boost advertizing and help them promote their business more effectively, which can include increasing search ranking and relevance of a brand.

.SITE now has the biggest potential to become one of the most popular domain extensions in the world.

Reference : .site overview,

“The fact that ‘site’ as a word is widely understood and accepted makes it the preferred choice for a program as vast as Google My Business. The domain extension is versatile, hence it works well for all industries and can be moulded for any business, big or small.,” said Parag Barhate, Brand Manager, .SITE

Reference: Google buys business site domain for google my business,

Furthermore, Take charge of what people see when they search for your business. Google My Business gives you the tools to update your listing, build a website, and engage with your customers from your phone, tablet or computer. Free.

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