How Has SMS Revolutionalized Marketing?


How has sms revolutionalized business

SMS has now revolutionized the marketing world. SMS marketing can create massive engagement with short and comprehensive content for your customers.

Why is SMS marketing revolutionizing the marketing trend? In the year 2020, nearly all industries use SMS marketing to promote their business to create engagement with the customer.

In this post, we will discuss how SMS has revolutionized marketing and how it affects our daily life.

What is SMS Marketing?

SMS marketing stands for “Short Message Service marketing.” Brands use SMS marketing to establish contact with customers. SMS is different from email as the content is mostly in a free voice and shorter than emails. 

SMS is essential in generating branding and creating engagement and awareness for customers.

Omni-channel marketing activities have become an indispensable channel for SMS and have become the standard for e-commerce marketing. We cannot deny the fact that the target audience of the eCommerce business is Gen Y and Gen Z.

This makes the SMS marketing strategy much more advantageous than using email as a marketing tool.

What is the Open Rate of SMS?

SMS has an open rate of 82%. Nowadays, the first thing that millennials do when they pick up their phone is to check for incoming notifications. This makes the open rate of SMS higher than all other advertising options.

The open rate of SMS text messages also surpasses emails. It’s easy for emails to get lost in a spam folder. But with the existence of smartphones, and the popularity of texting, text marketing doesn’t go ignored by the public.

This shows that mobile SMS advertising works! In almost every industry in the market.

What Makes SMS Marketing So Powerful?

A Quick Way of Delivering a message to your target audience

SMS marketing is a fast and effective way to attract customers. You will be surprised that once you press the send button to send a bulk SMS to a large number of customers, you may receive an instant reply if they are interested in what you have to say.

Wide Range Target Audiences 

Nowadays, most people are using mobile phones, and SMS marketing can quickly reach a large number of people. Although some marketing strategies may only cover specific customers, bulk SMS can cover everyone with a large population.


Through SMS marketing, you can present your business as mobile-friendly to your customers since you can interact with your customers through text, and you want to give your business the needed exposure easily. SMS marketing plays a vital role in mobile-friendliness and is the most straightforward mobile marketing strategy. This is how to initiate a campaign for mobile users.


You don’t have to spend a lot to send a text to your customers or even to send in bulk to a lot of your customers. This marketing method is ideal for a startup company looking for a cost-effective way to run ads.

How Different Industries Implement SMS Marketing in Their Business?

Real Estate

Property Agents can arrange to send text messages to clients to remind them of important appointments.

For example, if you have an appointment with a client to view a house and want to remind him before the appointment, you can always arrange for an SMS to be sent on the appointment day, or a few hours before the time of appointment.

It makes your job easier because you don’t have to check and remind your potential clients about appointments always. You can sync the automatic SMS service to your online calendar and arrange for it to send automated messages when the meeting is near.

This way, you will have more time to prepare for viewing instead of focusing on tedious small tasks.

Health Care Industry 

For example, with the recent COVID-19 pandemic, the whole community should be well informed about the latest updates and precautionary tips. Also, SMS ensures that everyone gets notified.

In this case, MKN Malaysia can use SMS messages and send them to everyone to stay alert. This is an excellent example because SMS text messages have now become a handy tool for the government to keep the public informed.

For enterprises, you can use this method to show your concern to your customers.


This means that SMS alerts can remind patients about their appointments. After adding an appointment reminder, a shortened link will be provided so that the patient can reschedule the appointment (if needed).

In this case, it saves the clinic time, and the patient does not need to call the clinic for any changes.

delivery services using sms

One of the benefits of using SMS is that it can deliver short and accurate messages immediately, and customers will most likely read the message.

This feature is also valuable when it comes to food delivery and keeping customers up to date with the latest information on their delivery.

It’s all about improving the quality of your service and building up your customers’ confidence in you by letting them know what’s happening with their order.

One-time Password for Your Business

By Sending One-time Passwords via SMS, your messages are sure to reach your users wherever they are.

It means that even when users are on a 2G connection (no Internet access), they can still use a multi-factor authentication solution.

Tips on Creating an SMS Marketing Campaign

Target Your Customers 

Famous brands such as Pizza Hut and Kiehls have successfully created SMS marketing campaigns by segmenting customers based on their geographic location. They used SMS geofencing to direct messages to customers within half a mile of the store’s location.

Kiehl’s encourages its customers to sign up for their SMS campaigns/text alerts and send them offers based on location. As a result, 73% of the people who signed up for the SMS advertising campaign bought something from Kiehl’s.

Short Yet Precise Content 

As the name suggests, SMS (Short Message Service) should always be short and straightforward. No one wants to read lengthy spam messages.

In today’s digital age, we receive a lot of information every day. Therefore, long text messages may not be able to attract the attention of the recipient.

Remember, when using SMS marketing, every message is sent directly to the destination to understand the recipient.

Include Call to Action (CTA)

It’s essential to include a strong Call To Action at the end of the SMS to prompt them to look for more details in the branded link given.

Tell your customers about a great new offer and include a call to action such as “Click here” or “Grab it here” for them to make a move.

For example, your SMS can sound like: Domain, 35% OFF on any purchase this Weekend, Buy Now At: (provide the short promotional URL link).

With short URLs used in the SMS, we can track the result with UTM parameters, which links to Google Analytics. Google Analytics can show you which SMS campaigns are doing well with a high click-through rate and engagement.

With this powerful feature, we can always optimize the next SMS campaign and improve every single time.

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