SmarterMail – A Fully Managed Business Email Solution


smartermail, A Fully Managed Business Email Solution

SmarterMail is one of the most popular alternatives to Microsoft Exchange and it offers a business email solution to businesses with a much lower cost.

In this post, we will be discussing in detail what SmarterMail is and how it can help you in your business.


SmarterMail – A complete Email Solution

It is a fully-featured email which includes a group chat system and team collaboration function that enable users to collaborate more effectively. You can also use SmarterMail to conduct video conferences with your teams or clients using their online meeting tools. It is designed to provide the functionality businesses need without sacrificing secure, reliable access to business and personal communication.



A Cost-Efficient Email Solution

SmarterMail costs less than Exchange, making it more cost-efficient. It has affordable hardware requirements, superior stability and can reduce maintenance costs. Therefore, it can reduce the cost of the software.


Powerful Browser Based Email Platform

SmarterMail is one of the most powerful browser-based webmail clients on the market. It is fully compatible with all the major browsers on the market such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, etc. (both desktop version and mobile version). Because of its multi-function nature, providing various other functions other than email such as calendar apps, it enables users to free up disk space and eliminates the maintenance work that comes from having more software installed on their devices.

SmarterMail is also compatible and able to integrate with native email apps, such as Microsoft Outlook, Gmail app, Windows Mail and Apple Mail. The integration can happen for both the Desktop app and Mobile app. It is perfectly synced with these email client, calendar and notes applications.


Build for Collaboration

Collaboration within a team nowadays is becoming more important as people start to work from home. Staying connected is one of their ways to manage the tasks and relationships between teammates. Whether you are using a webmail-based client or a favourite desktop or mobile client, SmarterMail is designed to help improve the overall productivity of your organization.

SmarterMail includes lots of useful and productive features such as:

  • Organizational Calendars
  • Organizational Conference Rooms
  • Shared Contacts, Calendars, Tasks and Notes
  • Group Chat and Video Chat
  • Team Workspaces

smartermail video call


SmarterMail is Security Focused

Security is one of the main factors that consumers nowadays take into consideration when purchasing software. With SmarterMail’s built-in security features, you don’t have to purchase any extra security apps or third-party software to protect your email. SmarterMail comes with various types of internet protections including industry-standard spam filtering to help protect your mailbox from potential spamming activities as well as enterprise-level antivirus software for detecting trojans, viruses, malware and other malicious threats.

If you have any preferred third-party security software, SmarterMail is flexible enough to allow this third-party software to be integrated. Software such as Cyren Zero-Hour Outbreak Detection, Cyren Premium Antispam and MessageSniffer have no problem when integrating with SmarterMail. 


Exabytes Email Hosting

Exabytes Email Hosting uses SmarterMail to provide one of the best email solutions for you.

It has all of the features that we mentioned above plus a strong server backend to support your daily email usage.

Most importantly, it is cost-effective when we talk about all the features mentioned above.

smartermail exabytes email hosting

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