Introducing New Optimized WordPress Hosting


Introduction optimized wordpress hosting

Introducing New Optimized WordPress Hosting

Our new WordPress Hosting gathers the fast features that are able to better serve you with 8X better response than normal WordPress Hosting. We are getting a lot of feedback from our clients who request for SSD Storage, http2 support and also we do have some hardcore users who ask whether our WordPress hosting support with NGINX for a better response for their website visitors.

We did the research on the most current trend from WordPress: Big players’ websites can’t tolerate errors. Now, you have the best option from us — the Stage & Test. It allows you to test new features and ideas in a sandbox environment before pushing them to production. No plugins required, no separate server needed.

Feel The Blazing Fast Speed With Our New WordPress Hosting

1.Unlimited CDN

Our new SSD WordPress Hosting Come with Jetpack to supercharge your website. CDN is an image acceleration, that means that your images are hosted in a different server in the different location, to provide faster image loading for your readers. The best thing is the unlimited quota on this services.

Wordpress cdn

2.NGINX Ready

NGINX is the web server solutions used by high‑traffic websites such as Dropbox, Netflix, and Zynga. NGINX help to deliver your content quickly, reliably, and more securely. Nginx is an asynchronous, non-blocking, event-driven connection handling algorithm, that is designed to serve static content quickly and to handle dynamic requests off to other software.
NGNIX for wordpress hosting

3.Support With HTTP/2

HTTP/2 allow requests and responses combined at the same time, making your website 300% faster as the current web browsers are ready with the latest web server and optimization technologies.
Wordpress http/2

4.Using Pure SSD Drive

Exabytes WordPress is using the pure SSD RAID10 storage in our server with the combination of business grade 100 Mbps bandwidth Internet to support your needs. Your WordPress hosting is monitored by our dedicated engineers who work 24/7 to ensure your network with 99.9% uptime and server with 99.5% uptime.
ssd storage for wordpress

You Are Choosing A Secure and Reliable WordPress Hosting

Simplifying your WordPress routine management with our managed WordPress hosting.

  1. Anti Spam and Filtering
    Automatically filter comments, pingbacks, and contact form submissions for known spam. Review comments flagged as spam. View stats about spam activity on your site.
  2. Brute force attack protection
    Blocks unwanted login attempts from malicious botnets and distributed attacks. Whitelist known IP addresses to prevent false positives.
  3. Secure Against Attacks
    Hardens your site by default, further enhanced with the Toolkit’s security scanner. No security expertise necessary.

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