What?! .NEWS domains are now available?

We are pleased to announce that .NEWS Domains are now for sale! Yes, they are domain names such as www.my.news, www.your.news, www.important.news, www.fast.news etc!


Do you wish to elevate your voice and content above the digital noise and effectively establish yourself as an important source of quality and up-to-date information?

A .NEWS domain positions you and your business within this history-rich industry as a thought leader, innovator and early adopter of new technology.

Who Should Use .NEWS? Are you the one?

  • Bloggers
  • Professional Journalists
  • News Industry companies
  • Businesses, organizations and communities with news to share


The Value of .NEWS Domain Names

  • Distinctive: It makes a website unique, descriptive and concise!
  • Brand-worthy: .NEWS helps you to increase your website credibility and reliability, strengthening your brand!
  • Search-friendly: It helps to increase SEO potential, stand out in search results. Other than that, it is easy to read also!
  • Available: There will never be as wide and impressive selection of .NEWS names as there is right now.

CHECK OUT more about .NEWS Domains HERE ASAP! After all, opportunities are reserved for those who act fast, right? : )

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