It’s a Wrap for Penang International Science Fair 2017.


penang international science fair

Penang International Science Fair 2017 had come to an end 

Let’s give a big round of applause to the awesome organizing team & Exabytes event crew for the nice weekend. Of course, let’s not forget the participants for their great fervor and support for our activities.

300 T-shirt Giveaway to Students
This year, Exabytes is giving away quirky T-shirts exclusively for kids! 300 T-shirts had been distributed to all the students. They just have to join our typing competition and entitled to get a FREE T-shirts from us. 

PISF -tshirt


The Typing Competition had attracted quite a number of students to line up and they were having great fun trying to break the high score.


Marvellous Lego Sets had been Won by the Highest Scorers of the Cloud Challenge!

Four marvellous Lego sets worth RM250 each had been given to the Cloud Challenge Winners with the highest scores.

Extra small Lego toys were distributed to winners who spent less than 2 minutes to install the server rack.

pisf-lego-winnersThe highest score of Cloud Challenge was 00.01.16 minutes.

This competition offered participants the best experience and let them understand more about cloud servers. For more photos, view gallery in Exabytes Facebook Page. 

Hope you enjoy yourself in PISF2017! If you missed out this year’s event, don’t be disappointed – we shall meet again next year in PISF 2018!



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