EBiz Power Plan 20% Discount - Coupon Code "PETROL"

Troubled by 10% Increase in Petrol? Don’t worry! Although normal humans cannot stop the process of inflation, we can find BIGGER DISCOUNTS to help us SAVE, SAVE and SAVE!

Since the petrol price had increased by 20 cents, Exabytes will help you to reduce your expenses & burden by giving away 20% Discount on EBiz Power Hosting plan! Although this is a one time discount, you can SAVE MORE by going for multiple-year subscriptions!



It’s simple, just key in promotional code “Petrol” at checkout to Enjoy 20% discount.


Exabytes petrol price increase promo

WIN RM1,000 Petrol Cash Vouchers Easily

No kidding, a total of RM1,000 Petrol Cash Vouchers are up for grabs! Just join our Facebook Fan Page and SHARE THIS PICTURE to be in the running to win a RM100 Petrol Cash Voucher. A total of 10 vouchers are to be won!

Share and Win: http://on.fb.me/PetrolVoucher
Like our Facebook Fan Page NOW! https://facebook.com/exabytes.com.my

Tips on Money Saving:

Tip 1 – Save your travel costs and time by taking your business ONLINE. Why manually search for customers when you can reach MORE of them by simply going online using Exabytes ALL IN ONE EBiz Power Plan?


Tip 2 – Travel less for meetings by using Emails for communication. It is also more effective as clients can refer to the details again anytime. Exabytes EBiz Power Plan also comes with an Email System with FULL features.


Tip 3 – Love shoping? Then do it online! You have more choices without having to travel to the malls and get stuck in traffic jams (this will burn more petrol). Take all the time you want for your shopping & inspect your favourite items online.


Stop sitting there & sigh. Act to SAVE Today!


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