Get to Know Your Customers With Google Analytics


get to know your customers with google analytics

Let’s continue to the workshop of MarketingFest Series #2: Data and Insight.

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As the pandemic hit the world in 2020, most businesses had moved on to digitalise their business.

Apart from having a physical store, many business owners had created their own online store.

Did you know your online store can give your business valuable data?

In fact, with an online store, you can analyse your website data (web analytics) to help your business grow.


So why is web analytics important and how do we analyse the data?  

In this workshop, ‘Get to know your customers with Google Analytics’, we walked the audience through everything they needed to know about Google Analytics.

The audience learned to analyse how customers engage with their online store/business website and the surefire ways to turn these insights to actionable decisions.

Key notes of this workshop: 

1. Data on Google

In today’s digital world, obtaining data is not hard. In fact, we can get access to big data.

Google provides the opportunity for businesses to get huge data so that they can manage and analyse the data.

As most businesses make assumptions when making business decisions, analysing the data allows businesses to have actionable insights instead of just assuming. 

2. Business Goals

When you use Google Analytics as your data tool, there is an abundance of data and information.

All this data is useful for businesses, but to make use of the data and make it actionable, you need to have a goal.

Before implementing any digital marketing strategy, it’s important to first get to know the goal you want to achieve.

Once you have a goal, you can customise your data analytics to track and measure the progress of working towards your goal. 

3. Set up Events

In order to achieve the goal, first set up an event to work towards accomplishing the goal (this is known as conversion events).

For example, if you are an eCommerce merchant and your business goal is to increase the sales, your goal is to convert website visitors to spending customers. 

4. Insights from Google Analytics

The dashboard of Google Analytics will show you the real-time activity of your website and app.

It tells you what is happening on your website and app through a chart.

With real-time data, you can monitor website activities and sales performance, including whether your website/app is converting web traffic to sales.

Additionally, you can find out who your new visitors and regular visitors are. 

5. Know What You Need from Google Analytics 

With Google Analytics, you can see a variety of numbers and statistics.

First time users of Google Analytics might get overwhelmed by the numbers and think that they should understand and know everything.

The fact is, you do not have to know and understand everything about the data shown on Google Analytics.

More importantly, ask yourself what are you looking for and how you can make use of the data.


Google Analytics is a powerful tool for all business websites as it offers answers to a lot of questions sought by business owners.

In fact, it shows you how your customers behave and interact with your website, which in turn, helps you understand your customers.

With the insights from Google Analytics, you will know what to optimise on your website to attract and retain your website visitors. 


In this workshop, we’re pleased to have invited Zeen Cheng, Mahir Digital Bersama Google trainer to share with us on how to learn and analyse customer engagement on your website by using Google Analytics and how to turn insights into well-informed and actionable decisions. 

The video of this session will only be available for one month.

Watch it now to learn from the speaker while the video is still available. Happy learning!