Winner Announcement - OnlineLahTauke Mobile Phone Short Film Making Contest

OnlineLahTauke!! We now have online pillow sellers, online noodle sellers, online salted fish sellers any many MORE!

We at Exabytes wish to extend A Big Thank You to all participants for their active participation! All your videos are very lovely, and we love them to bits! The results you have been waiting for are finally here. So who are the BIG CASH WINNERS?

*** Drum rolls please…. ***


*** Drum rolls again please…. ***

Twins | OnlineLahTauke | RealJoshuaSe by Se Wei Chern!!!

Without further ado, we here present you the full winner list:

Winner List:

Grand Prize Winner: Twins | OnlineLahTauke | RealJoshuaSe by Se Wei Chern

Second Prize Winner: Online Pillow Business by Halwani Binti Abdul Kadir

Third Prize Winner: Homestay Leman by Afif Amali bin Othman

The Most Popular Video Award (aka Mystery Award): Dubstep Salesman? by Tong Pei Yeon

A FREE .COM Domain for First 10 Video Submissions

For the first 10 participants who submitted their videos earlier, kindly email us at [email protected] for a FREE .com domain!

If you didn’t win, don’t fret! Many more attractive prizes and contests organized by Exabytes are coming your way soon! Stay tuned to Exabytes news.

Once again, Congratulations to all winners!

** ALL DECISIONS OF EXABYTES’ JUDGES ARE FINAL AND BINDING. No inquiries or appeals shall be entertained.  

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