SME DigitalFest 2021 – Leverage Technology for Better Digitalization


SME DigitalFest is coming back soon! In response to Covid-19, we are bringing the SME DigitalFest 2021 on the screen where we’ll meet with you virtually!

Although the event cannot be held physically, we are well-prepared for this upcoming SME DigitalFest which allows you to learn more from every session of the event. 

Organized with the newbies/newcomers in mind by the Exabytes Group, SME DigitalFest is an effective platform for Small/Medium Enterprises (SMEs), relevant industry players, and experts to gather and have in-depth discussions to gain a thorough understanding of the development, challenges, opportunities, and trends in their niche. 

Now, let’s dive into a quick introduction of what SME DigitalFest 2021 is about. 

SME DigitalFest 2021 - Leverage Technology for Digitalization

Do you make good use of Technology for business digitalization and sustainability? 

Last year, SME DigitalFest discussed and walked you through what digital transformation is. With the basic knowledge of digital transformation, it’s now time to move to a different level and reinforce your business digitally. 

Technology has been an indispensable companion in everyone’s life due to its accessibility and convenience. There is a relationship between digital transformation and technology as technology drives digitalization. 

Therefore, SMEs need to adapt and utilize the new technology to digitalize business activities successfully and effectively. 

What will you learn from SME DigitalFest 2021 

SME DigitalFest 2021 is bringing the theme ‘Leveraging Technology for Digitalization’ which focuses more on leveraging the available technology to enhance your business digital transformation comprehensively.

By using the right tools, it enables SMEs to adapt to the business changes, provide a better customer experience, minimize operational cost, and maximize revenue. 

We are glad to have invited Malaysian SMEs who are successful in digital transformation to share their success story and experiences on how they succeed in digitalizing their business.

SME DigitalFest 2021 also includes mandarin sharing sessions that invite mandarin speakers who are also SME owners in Malaysia to give away valuable advice based on their digital transformation journey. 

You will get to learn how to utilize technology effectively for your day-to-day business operation. Excel in leveraging the technology and bringing your business to higher achievement and growth. 

Check out the speaker of the event:

and many more upcoming!

Event Details: 


And guess what? ADMISSION is completely FREE! You will join the event without admission fees and walk away with rich knowledge!

So what are you waiting for? Register now to save your spot! Let’s leverage the technology for better business digitalization!

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