Google Workspace Helps to Build Collaboration in a Hybrid Workplace


Build smooth collaboration work in a hybrid workplace

Several organizations globally are weighing the benefits of letting staff work from home or returning to office.

The outcome frequently is creation of a hybrid workplace in which workers can work remotely, in the office, or a combination of the two.

While many employees and the management like the flexibility and freedom that a hybrid workplace provides, there are issues when it’s the time to collaborate and work together.

This is the problem statement which Google Workspace (G Suite) solves with ease. With the aid of a GWS environment, you can quickly customize the hybrid workplace.

A diverse and multi-location based team has an inherent need to interact, to collaborate, to work together and produce results which the organisation expects.

When one starts working on Google Workspace, it provides all features like Google Calendar, Google Gmail, Google Drive, and Google Meeting among other apps which encourage close and collective working. 

Are you wondering what actually is a Hybrid Workplace?

Work from anywhere - hybrid workplace

A hybrid workplace combines on-site and remote work to provide employees with flexibility and support.

Employees in a hybrid workplace often have more freedom and a better work-life balance, and as a result, they are more engaged.

A hybrid workplace often allows employees to fit work around their lives rather than arranging work around set hours logged into an office.

For many employees, it’s the ideal blend of productive work, lower stress, and less commuting.

It is possible to work in a hybrid workplace because tools like Google Workspace help employees engage with each other.

How does Google Workspace help to build collaboration in a hybrid workplace?

Work-life balance is encouraged and valued in a hybrid workplace.

It can also help to alleviate employee anxiety about returning to a public workstation or taking public transportation to work amidst the post pandemic times and also wasting time in commute.

This is especially important for individuals who are vulnerable.

Google Workspace (GWS) is a dedicated place for team collaboration where it also helps one connect with the team, so no matter where you are working from, the new version of G Suite helps enterprises create a hybrid workplace.

How Google Workspace helps you with a hybrid workplace?

Employees want work-life balance, and that’s why they want to work in a hybrid workplace so they can easily balance their work and life.

Good performance in a hybrid workplace

Employees may maximize how they communicate and work in a hybrid workplace by using Google Workspace, which has a substantial positive impact on productivity and efficiency.

Companies all over the world are under growing pressure to maintain their competitiveness and satisfy their customers’ requirements. 

With the help of GWS, teams can rapidly exchange ideas, participate in meetings remotely and from any location and interact in real-time.

Cost cutting

The offers from Google are quite lucrative, and the SaaS model of Google Workspace is based on pay-per-use, so you just pay for the number of people using the solution.

Since you don’t need to expand server hardware, storage, and so on, it is appropriate for any hybrid workplace.

Google Workspace empowers businesses who embrace it to grow.  The Google Workspace suite updates itself automatically.

Since there is no client installed on the user’s workstation, there is no fee associated with updating versions, adding features or fixing bugs, doing maintenance, or even installing security upgrades.

Exabytes helps with set up of google workspace at the best price, with multiple offers too helping you cut costs where feasible.

Management Simplicity

The amount of time required to make changes to the environment configuration is minimal since administrators just need to setup services from the administrative dashboard in Google workspace or can utilize particular APIs for this purpose.

It is a popular Google workspace feature that is useful for hybrid workplaces.

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Tools That Help to Build Collaboration in a Hybrid Workplace

Google Workspace Benefits

No matter where your team members are working from, Google workspace enables you to connect and collaborate with the help of GWS applications and perform even better in a hybrid workplace.

Google Meet

When you require a face-to-face meetings with your colleagues from different locations, Google Meet is the best option that you can have.

It is the best feature you can get in Google Workspace with all features that are necessary for a hybrid workplace.

Google Drive

One can easily handle files and share it with every team member, no matter whether they are working from home, a remote location or working from the office.

Every team member will get access to the project file and can easily collaborate with the team using GWS while working in a hybrid workplace.

Google Chat

Use Google Chat to collaborate on projects- You can easily collaborate with your team over a chat and discuss the project even in hybrid workplace set up.

Google Calendar

Use Google Calendar to schedule your meetings – Set up real-time meetings with your team whether you are working from home or the office.

The team members are notified when a meeting is set up so no one would miss out while working in a hybrid workplace.

Use Meet, Calendar, and Gmail for work-life balance – While working in a hybrid workplace, you don’t have to change your schedule just because there is a meeting or project discussion that comes up in between your plans and you have to drop it in at the last minute.

When one is aware of team meetings and other plans with Google Calendar, attaining work life balance in life becomes easier.

Google Sheets

Use Google Sheets – You don’t have to wait for your teammates to send you data that is important to you.

They can update it in a Google Sheet which can be accessed from anywhere with the help of GWS.

A hybrid workplace is the future of most of the businesses.

All employees would perhaps come up with a hybrid workplace in the future.

Any business which wants to run a hybrid workplace smoothly, Google Workspace is the best collaboration toolset to do so.

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