Top 5 Industries Should Switch to Hybrid Workplace Model


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Technology has been continuously evolving with newer solutions arriving in the market.

This has brought a tremendous transformation in the world of technology, the use, its adoption, and the way the industries want to stay tuned with what’s happening.

The industrialists and entrepreneurs are in a continuous lookout for innovative technology and working methods like the hybrid workplace model.

As a perfect example to this evolution, Google has recently evolved its G Suite was rebranded to Google Workspace GWS to provide a more integrated experience across communication and collaboration tools.

With the pandemic setting in 2020, most of the industries took on to work from home or remote work to keep their businesses running.

This experience of mandatory work from home has made the industries and the employees realize the positive sides of work from home or WFH model.

Starting 2021 end, most of the countries started easing the lockdown restrictions and slowly begun to adopt a hybrid model.

This meant a hybrid workplace was set where a percentage of employees worked from home and another set worked from office space.

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Let’s first understand why most companies came up with the hybrid model and the reason behind it.

Why Did Companies Adopt the Hybrid Model?

In 2020, the companies were forced to work from home to keep the businesses running and adopt remote work which continued until restrictions were released.

This made the industrialists, entrepreneurs as well as the employees realized that working from home is not difficult but can be managed with adequate technology support.

However, it was needed that certain departments and the team resume on-site.

This need for working from two different work spaces has given rise to the concept of hybrid workspace or hybrid model.

With the varied technological support that’s present both online and offline, transition to remote work with on-site or work from office has only become smooth.

Useful Tools That Aid Hybrid Workplace

Businesses require tools that support productive work and communication for all staff members irrespective of whether it is remote work or on-site work.

Tools like Google Workspace GWS has only enabled seamless execution of all tasks and functions with utmost coordination.

While the previous technology and tools the business employed may still be in use, transitioning to a hybrid workplace requires one to adopt some new ones.

Here are few tools to have in place

  • Google Workspace (GWS)
  • Reservation software for front desks
  • Tools for project management and HR software
  • Software for screen recording

Top 5 Industries That Should Switch to a Hybrid Model in 2022

With the soaring popularity of remote work and having learnt how to adopt to hybrid model, it is seen that industries other than IT and tech based companies can also switch to hybrid workplace.

1. IT Industry

The IT sector is certainly the one where remote work is most in demand.  Being the tech experts themselves, they are aware of all latest tools and software that aid hybrid workspace.

With Google Workspace GWS and its various tools like Gmail, Calendar, Google drive and so on, collaborative work has become effortless.

With most of the work being on a laptop, remote work is not much of a challenge in IT industry.

With certain departments having to work on-site and rest having the ability to work from home,  hybrid model can come up to enable employees to come to office on specific days as comfortable to them.

Developer working in the office and looking at the monitor

2. Finance

Financial consultants, advisors, remote financial services supply manager, business transfer consultant, corporate finance specialist can work from home and easily adopt remote work as a practice.

Several banking and finance-related activities that don’t demand actual presence could be completed online.

For face-to-face work, video and conference calls are usually sufficient, one could go for hybrid model.

This has been made easier with Google Workspace GWS collaboration tools like Meet, Calendar, Chat Drive, Docs, Sheets, Slides, Forms, etc. which allows one to have seamless meetings with the clients.

3. Wellness and Health

A fresh breath of life has been given to the health and wellness industry with newer age technologies like the fitness applications, live streaming, and video chats.

This has enabled hybrid workplace where one can work from home when needed and visit on-site when there are meetings or customer requirements.

The recent evolution of g suite to Google Workspace has helped in growth of companies, incorporating newer avenues and providing better experience to the end customers.

With remote work, one can work for several websites that encourage employee wellness; launch a niche company website that offers specialized services, or get a following on social media platforms like Instagram and YouTube so one can earn well.

Exabytes is one of the leading supporters of remote work Malaysia and continuously strives to provide the essential product and technical support.

Exercise at home by watching and following online tutorials

4. Pharmacology

Remote work is no challenge for those with a pharmacology degree and working as a toxicologist, principal scientist, manager of quantitative clinical pharmacology, associate in clinical pharmacology, etc.

These professionals are responsible for producing regulatory documentation, designing and reporting drug-disease modelling, performing clinical trial work, conducting meta-analyses of clinical data and related tasks.

These tasks can be performed easily from home with a need to visit only for meetings or conducting any experiments. This allows for creation of hybrid model.

5. Customer Support

Customer facing personnel or the commonly known customer support are of utmost importance in most of the firms, be it product-or service-based.

These customer-facing personnel help address customer concerns, debug technical difficulties, or instruct their clientele on how to use the products or services.

All it requires is essential software support along with good internet allowing for remote work.

providing customer support at home


Work from home has made it possible for many to stay home, balance work and personal life, and also save the commute time.

With frequent bursts of Covid-19 cases and the recurrent lockdown, hybrid workplace has become a norm and part of the learning curve.

There has been tremendous growth in work from home force, and this has catapulted a steep rise in remote work Malaysia.

To support various industries and businesses going for hybrid workplace, several leading companies have launched both the essential software products and services.

Exabytes Malaysia is one of the leading players in South East Asia with over 16000+ clients offering Google Workspace as one of their services.

If you want to learn more for your business, please feel free to connect with our team to see your success in adopting hybrid model.

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