10 Benefits of Google Workspace for Business That Make the Switch Worthwhile


Google Workspace Benefits

The Advantages of Google Workspace in General

  • Enables keeping schedule organized
  • Innovation
  • Easily expandable
  • Cost effective
  • Ease of management and maintenance
  • Improves efficiency
  • Use even when mobile
  • Improved collaboration with third parties
  • Privacy
  • High Availability

Unlock the full potential of your business with Google Workspace applications! Discover the top benefits of this powerful productivity suite and achieve new levels of efficiency and collaboration.

1. Enables Keeping Schedule Organized

Google Workspace with its variety of tools allows its employees to set their Google Calendar, schedule their online video meets and chats, prepare various types of documents, stay in touch on emails and work seamlessly. 

For businesses with more than 3-4 employees, it becomes essential to keep separate accounts, and manage all communication better without missing any deadlines or commitments and keep the schedule organized.

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2. Innovation

Google Workspace keeps upgrading and evolves periodically.

This implies that any firm that decides to adopt Google Workspace is always at forefront of technology with its redundant architecture.

This ensures there is no scheduled downtime for updates. 

3. Easily Expandable

Google Workspace is a scalable system that serves big and small organizations worldwide. 

As an example, the email service Gmail and the storage service Google Drive serve a large number of users worldwide and can accommodate increasing amount of data in the system.

There always would be a certain increase in the staff across organizations and this, the Google Suite is capable of accommodating considering its scalability.

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4. Cost-effective

The Google Suite is a SaaS based pay-per-use product platform. This implies that one pays as per the number of users using the solution, without having to scale server hardware, storage, etc.

Being a scalable solution, GWS allows its services to be adopted at scale, as per the customer’s request with a simple and immediate order. 

Google Workspace solutions are updated automatically with no client installed on the user’s workstation.

This cuts the expense that otherwise would be incurred in migrating versions to incorporate new features or add corrections, for maintenance or even for security updates.

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5. Ease of Management and Maintenance

Working with Google Workspace is simple, easy and stress free. It requires very little or no intervention from the administrators.

The Google Workspace admins have to configure services from the administration console or use specific APIs for this purpose, without worrying much about the infrastructure that supports them.

This ensures that the time required to make changes to the environment configuration is minimal.

6. Improves Efficiency

Using Google Workspace enables employees to optimize how they work and collaborate, leading to significant improvements in efficiency and productivity. 

Several companies worldwide experience an increasing pressure to stay ahead of competition and meet their customer’s expectations and needs.

This concern is addressed well with the help of Goggle Workspace that lets teams share ideas instantly, join meetings remotely from anywhere, collaborate in real-time.

This is possible due to cloud-based architectures, which outweigh the inefficiencies of working based on isolated and computer-dependent productivity tools.

Exabytes understands how important it is empower businesses to improve its productivity and efficiency, and helps its clients adopt Google Workspace to streamline collaboration and communication.

7. Use Even When Mobile

Google Workspace can be accessed from anywhere at any time. It also means one needn’t be at a particular location to stay connected as any device with a browser can be used to access GWS.

This allows for freedom to access information securely.

Google Workspace also allows to work offline when the network is not available as the files and mail are synchronized.

8. Improved Collaboration with Third Parties

Google Workspace allows one to collaborate with internal and external users without the need for a license.

Fast returns are obtained when there are activities involving multiple departments or teams simultaneously like

  • Writing proposals requiring the collaboration of sales, legal and technology experts
  • Budgeting processes
  • Real-time publication of information like such as prices, stocks, shifts, etc.
  • Human resources processes that bring the organization closer to the employee like training, talent retention, evaluation processes, etc.

9. Privacy

The Google Workspace suite has been designed to meet strict privacy and security standards, in line with industry best practices, thus helping customers comply with the required regulations.

Google undergoes stringent audits regularly and offers contractual commitments on data ownership, use of information, security, transparency and accountability.

10. High Availability

We know the Service Level Agreement or SLA of Google, which is known to be the best when it comes to reliability with no scheduled downtime or maintenance windows.

All the data centers are built on redundant infrastructure.

Google Workspace is the new normal in the new age corporate days post pandemic.

This tool is a great productivity formula for companies that want to work with employees all around the world and succeed in their goals by performing daily tasks that are completed more quickly and comfortably.

Exabytes is one of the trusted provider of Google Workspace Service in Southeast Asia.

With 24 x 7 x 365 technical support, an ever-available customer service team and an experienced sales team who spend time to understand a customer’s needs instead of being in a hurry to sell – Exabytes Malaysia is best placed to be a one stop place for all digital solutions.

To learn more about the benefits of Google Workspace for your own business, please connect with our team of experts who will guide you further.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Google Workspace

1. What is Google Workspace?

Google Workspace is a set of communication and collaborating apps that has been built for workplace communication in various organization. 

Google Workspace accounts are created and managed by an administrator unlike the standard free Gmail or Google accounts.

Google Workspace allows to define different configurations for different groups of people.

It can be configured to serve organizations that deal with highly sensitive data as the administrator prevents offline storage of Workspace data, such as email, calendar items and Drive files.

Google Workspace Collaboration Apps

The following apps are available as a part of the core offerings for all editions.

  • Gmail: The world’s most widely used email service
  • Calendar: Scheduling solution 
  • Meet / Meet hardware: Group video and audio conferencing
  • Chat / Spaces: Team conversations and project places
  • Drive: Private cloud storage that also allows shared drives and files
  • Docs: Collaborative documents 
  • Sheets: Collaborative spreadsheets 
  • Slides: Collaborative presentations 
  • Forms: Customizable forms and surveys 
  • Keep: Collaborative notes 
  • Sites: Collaborative websites

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