Start A Website & An Online Business As Easy As 123


Have you watched OnlineLahTauke’s 1st Video commercial “The Wedding”?

Ever wondered how the salted fish tauke sells his products online?

Well, it is actually As Easy As Counting “1,2,3”!

Let us tell you how he made it!

First things first, sign up for an Instant Website package at only RM999 (4 pages) or RM1999 (8 pages) and get a dedicated web designer to design for you so that you can easily make changes to your website design and content on your own in the future! grant

So, what’s next?

Log into the control panel and start making your website!

Step 1:

website template

Choose a suitable template for your website from 840+ pre-designed templates that come with the package you signed up for.


Step 2:

upload logo, business information into website

Upload your business logo, company name and slogan onto the website.


Step 3:

Add pages and navigation menu on the website

Add pages and navigation menu on the website.


Step 4:

edit the content in website

Editing the page content is as Easy as using Microsoft Word. In the page editor, you can easily upload and add in product images anytime you wish.

Next, press the Publish button & your website is now COMPLETE! Easy!

Although the Salted Fish website is only a sample website we created, if you Google “Malaysia Salted Fish”, the website is ranked 6th on the first page! Amazing?

rank 6th in page 1

So now how can your website achieve the same and attract tons of customers & business?


Simple, just add in Meta Tags to each page as below:

meta tags edit

Credits to SearchGuru

What else is stopping you?

Your start-up is now RISK FREE with GMBO RM 1,000 Business Grant!

Get started NOW while the Grant is still available!


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