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Gogovege – Your Vegetarian Best Friend

Opened in 2018: gogovege.com

Gogovege with thian su

Introduce your business and tell us your story: What kind of business do you run?

Earlier this year in January, my brother and I created the 1st vegetarian online marketplace in Malaysia.

Even though vegetarianism is pretty common nowadays, however, as a vegetarian for 20 years, we know that it is still not quite easy to find vegetarian products online.

So, Gogovege can serve as the one-stop vegetarian online marketplace to help our fellow vegetarian friends to find vegetarian products.

You can see Gogovege as the “Lazada” for vegetarian, where we are always busy recruiting vegetarian sellers to sell their products on our marketplace.

This way, the products range can grow more and more. To date, we have close to 50 sellers, and more than 350 products for customers to shop online!

And what sets us apart is that we do not only sell products but also share vegetarian related information on our website.

For example useful information for vegetarian confinement ladies, vegetarian food delivery providers, vegetarian tour guide, etc,— all to make vegetarians’ life easier.

Best-selling products on Gogovege
Best-selling products on Gogovege

Where are you headed as a business?

For the short term, we will do more marketing (online & offline) to create our brand awareness, so that more and more people can get to know us.

And right after that, we continue to source more sellers and extend our product range. and of course to grow our customer base. We also headed to provide more curated vegetarian info, for example, 10 Vegetarian restaurants you must try in KL, How to be a vegetarian, these kinds of engaging info-sharing.

Finally, for the long term, we plan to create our own line of Gogovege products. We also aim to be the best vegetarian platform in Malaysia, to promote vegetarianism, and be the support for the vegetarian community — the “vegetarian journey”.

Gogovege interviewed by Cityplus FM
Gogovege interviewed by Cityplus FM

What convinced you to try our products/ service?

We heard of Exabytes many years back. When we were thinking about which web hosting and domain to use, Exabytes automatically pop up as our 1st choice.

The good customer service is one of the main factors why we choose them.

How have you benefited from using our product/service?

We feel happy to use Exabytes as our web hosting provider. Their friendly and prompt customer services and support have helped us a lot. Thank you so much!

What would you tell other people who were thinking of starting their business journey online?

First, think of what is the problem or pain point that you wish to help in solving. In other words, what is the objective and purpose of your business idea?

business brainstorm

Once you are convinced about your idea, the next step is to talk to a mentor or someone that you believe will give your encouragement about your business idea.

When you feel you are ready, you can then kick start your online business journey.

Remember, do not wait until every single detail have been ironed out, then only start your online business.

Because everything is still just on paper. We only start learning and gain experience when we are doing it practically.

Also be open to receive feedback, suggestion and criticism from others. In this way, we can improve ourselves and our website experience to go further.

If you’re looking to kickstart your brand online, you deserve only the best.

Search for your domain to kickstart now.

Grow online with Exabytes.

Join Gogovege and 47,406 other entrepreneurs who already have a head start. 

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