The Digitalisation Journey of An Automobile Company


An Automobile Company Embarks on its Digitalisation Journey

The many businesses from different industries we have worked with, but taking Millenium Welt on its digitalisation journey was definitely a fun and interesting one.

Receiving a specific request to build an interesting website is what excite us!

We hear from Millennium Welt on their thoughts after taking their business online.

It is success stories like these that give Exabytes a pat on our shoulders to continue helping more businesses growing online.

Tell us a little bit about your company

Millennium Welt is your one-stop centre for BMW vehicles in Seremban and Negeri Sembilan of Malaysia.

Our 4S centre is strategically located in the heart of Seremban.

With space to display 7 cars in our showroom and a fully equipped service facility, we are surely able to deliver beyond expectations.

Millennium Welt understands that customer service is key and we are always committed to providing you with the best and truly personalised services.

Our professional and attentive staff are always ready to support and serve you.

We invite you to experience BMW the Millennium Welt way.

Vision – To be the No. 1 BMW dealership in sales and aftersales satisfaction in Malaysia.

Mission – To continuously delight customers primarily through the supply of New & Pre-Owned BMWs, Servicing and spare parts by ensuring personalised service.

What was your purchase with Exabytes? 

We wanted to grow our business further and decided to take on the digitalisation journey.

We came across Exabytes on social media hence we gave it a try and took on Exabytes’ advice to digitalise our business and grow online.

To kick off our online presence, we started off with registering for our domain and a web hosting plan.

We were working towards having our website build to enhance our brand awareness and have an online presence.

We want to be searchable online, and be available to serve and offer our services when the need arises.

How has Exabytes’ products and services help the digitalisation journey of your business?

We had our website built with Exabytes so we can offer information on our services and our company online.

In the process of building our website, Exabytes helped to ensure that our site will come out as a catchy and attractive page where it will spark interest in our viewers.

This digitalisation journey has granted us an online presence, and the response we have gotten since being online has caught us by surprise.

Our company gained up to a 40% increase in sales since having a website. 

How did you hear about Exabytes and are you likely to recommend Exabytes and its services to your family and friends?

We got to know about Exabytes through social media. We saw their advertisement while browsing and searching for a suitable digital solutions company to help bring our business online.

We wanted to engage a company with great experience, and has gained customer confidence.

We are happy that we found Exabytes and went on our digitalisation journey with them.

We will definitely recommend Exabytes to anyone looking to digitalise, or those looking for cloud or digital solution products and services.

Thank you for your great service and support Exabytes. It was fun and pleasant working with your team!


Millennium Welt is a company with a great vision and mission. We are honoured to have had the opportunity to work with them, and we are happy to hear that digitalisation has brought their company to greater heights.

The possibilities online are endless. There are always new tactics and strategies to grow online, and ways to improve to give our customers better user experience, and for Exabytes’ customers, higher sales and productivity!