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Let’s look at a random business email address before proceed to explain why business brand email address important.

Email Address: [email protected]

So what can you tell by looking at the email address above? First, we know that this email is sent by Now we can visit to find out if it is a legitimate business and better determine if the email we receive is SPAM.

Next, a quick look at the website shows that the company is an established and professional business that sells all kinds of beauty products online.

According to a recent Verisign survey, 92% of small businesses revealed that branded email makes their business look more credible.

Is It Significant?

Some might think that it is insignificant, but you might not be aware that a business email address is NOT only an email address. In today’s digital world, it can be something taken into account in terms of credibility and branding.

In other words, it’s the impression your business gives to the world, or the global market.

And remember, branding is how a business stands out from others.

The Five Reasons Why You Need Business Branded Email

If you’re still uncertain, here are the 5 solid reasons why you should have a business-branded email address for your company.

#1 Give the right first impression


A branded email shows the world that your company is established and professional.

A free email account with email address such as [email protected] can project a poor image, or worse, make your email recipients wonder if you are from a real company at all.

#2 Create a “bigger” image

Having a branded email can create a “corporate image”. Imagine a business communicating with its clients using different branded email addresses from different departments, such as [email protected], [email protected], [email protected] .

It gives an impression that the business is established.

#3 Build credibility and trust


Often, people regard promotional emails/newsletters sent by a free email service account ([email protected]) as more spam like.

Now imagine you receive a promotional email/newsletter from [email protected], chances are you are more likely to respond to the email.

#4 It’s easy and inexpensive

With minimal effort, we can set up a branded email address at an affordable cost.

If you’ve signed up for a web hosting plan, you should already be provided with email accounts. Use the registered domain name for you branded email today and for your website in the future.

#5 Brand awareness


With a branded email address, every time you send out an email, you are actually promoting your brand/business, and not other free email service providers (consider the difference: [email protected] vs [email protected] ).

It’s a highly cost-efficient way to market your brand/business without having to spend a lot of money.

So if you think that your business is not ready for large scale branding, Start Small. Remember, every effort counts!

If you already own a branded email address, start using email marketing solution to engage with your customers at the lowest cost.


Already have everything but still need MORE email accounts? Take a look at our value-added hosting plans here: Exabytes Business Email Hosting as low as RM32.39 /month.

Hope you find this post useful. Stay tuned for more tips for growing a successful business!

See you next time!

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