Top Instagram WordPress Plugins for Boosting Your Organic Website Traffic



Currently, Instagram is among the top social media platforms with over one billion monthly active users worldwide. It is among the most powerful tools in the hands of marketers for boosting brand awareness, engagement, and building communities.

Having a presence on Instagram is also great for driving traffic to the website for conversions, according to Forbes. As everyone is aware, generating traffic to the brand website is among the top challenges for marketers, which is why you need a top-class website that ranks high in search engine page rankings. When planned properly, you can use Instagram to drive valuable website traffic. 

However, instead of keeping your website and Instagram separate, you can provide a seamless experience to your target audience by using WordPress plugins. Some of the top WordPress plugins you can consider for boosting your website traffic include:

Feed them Social 

The Feed Them Social comes in both free and paid versions. In addition to displaying the feed from Instagram on your website, you can also use it to integrate feeds from other social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Pinterest.

However, compatibility with these social media networks is only possible with the premium version. The paid version of the plugin offers complete support for each network. 

For example, if you use it to display the feed from Instagram, you can deliver everything right from the user account, including photos, hashtags, and comments to your website.

The plugin has the capability of displaying multiple feeds along with responsive features like follow buttons. You can use the free version if all you want is to display the Instagram feed from your account.

However, since getting organic engagement can take time, you can, in the meantime, get the ball rolling by purchasing real likes for Instagram for a nominal amount.

Instagram Feed

Instagram Feed is among the more popular WordPress plugins because of its ease of installation and use. You can configure it in any way you like with the easy-to-use tools provided, for linking multiple Instagram accounts.

The good thing is that even the basic version, which is free of cost, has almost all the features you need. However, if you need advanced features like a lightbox for superior viewing, you have the option of upgrading to the premium version. Both versions permit you to showcase your Instagram content using the hashtags as a filter.

Overall, the Instagram Feed plugin is popular because you can use it to boost engagement with the target audience, save time, and keep your content perpetually fresh. You can get all the functionalities you want without needing to learn to code.

Another great advantage of using the Instagram Feed plugin is that it is responsive, so users can view the feed easily even when using their mobile phones. It offers a customizable gallery for displaying your Instagram photos.

You can choose between a grid view and a carousel. A very handy feature allows users to click on any of the photos in the feed to get redirected to a different page or even to your Instagram account.

Even though it is a simple feature, it adds much-needed interactivity to your gallery.

Instagram Journal

One of the best features of this Instagram plugin for WordPress websites is that you get relatively more and better control over your Instagram feed because it uses the Instagram API.

You will be able to experiment with different layouts like the infinity slider as well as customize the theme colours. Moreover, you can host an Instagram contest right from your website.

Some of the key features include Instagram Feed Mode that pulls in photos from the Instagram feed and the User Instagram Feed Mode that allows you to specify users from whom photos can be pulled in. It also features a Multiuser Feed Mode that can pull in photos from multiple specified users.

The Tag Instagram Feed Mode allows users to specify hashtags to be searched from the API, while the Location Instagram Feed Mode enables photos from a specified location to be pulled in. You can also specify a user identity for pulling in photos liked by it.

Instagram Widget by WPZOOM

The plugin makes available a widget that can be placed in the website widget area to display the Instagram feed that you can customize fully. You also have the flexibility of using several layouts to display the content.

For example, you can use the grid layout to include multiple photos per row or use the full-width layout, if you have a large enough widget area. 

To view the post and the accompanying caption, all that a user needs to do is to click on it, observes an IIgers social media marketing consultant.

You can also include a button below the posts that can be clicked by a user to follow you on Instagram. Geared to display only your Instagram posts, the widget design is minimalistic, which makes it possible for easy integration with the majority of WordPress themes.

Due to its responsive design, mobile users will have a smooth user experience while additional customization can be done using CSS if desired.


The Grace WordPress plugin has been rated highly for having many features. Getting started with this plugin is very simple. All you need to do after downloading it is to activate it and select the Instagram accounts from where you want to source the content.

The plugin is versatile and lets users select photos to be displayed in the feed based on multiple parameters like users, locations, hashtags, and likes by specific users.

Similarly, you can exercise control over the feed to exclude content you don’t want. You can exercise a great degree of control over the feed displayed on your website with its pre-publish moderation feature, the use of which is optional.

The Bottom Line 

Picking the Instagram WordPress plugin that is right for you can be a complicated affair given a great number of choices out there. The above shortlist represents some of the most popular options you can choose from. With some amount of experimentation, you are sure to find the one you like and fit you best.

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