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MaGiC Cyberjaya auditorium

In this era of social media crazy world, we often forget the important of face-to-face communication with the others from the business community.

Small & Medium entrepreneurs are always busy and might thought of taking some time to attend conference or seminar is a waste of time. In fact, all these meetings is all they need to uncover new ways to grow your eCommerce.

Some of them might think being around with competitors can be a waste of time or a chance for others to steal their ideas. However, in this new era, your competitors are your allies and friends.

The mindset you choose about participating in events will impact your results.

To provide a great platform to build meaningful relationship and create more opportunity among the eCommerce community, Exabytes is organizing two events below annually:

Exabytes eCommerce Conference (5 JULY 2018):

A conference that has many inspiring and successful eCommerce players take on stage. This conference allows you to get expert insight and discover key trends in many aspects of digital commerce.

This event is more to eCommerce focus. Look forward to learn more about eCommerce trends, strategies and some case studies?

Then you must join this event to sharpen your eCommerce skills and widen your knowledge, so that you can grow your eCommerce business to greater. Check out the feedback of our past attendees as well.

Exabytes Internet Marketing Summit (9 AUGUST 2018):

A momentous annual conference with a focus on digital marketing in Malaysia. By meeting face-to-face with numerous highly experienced Digital Marketers and Gurus, participants are guaranteed to stay on top of the data-driven marketing trend and become innovative in their campaigns and strategies.

This event is more to Digital Marketing focus. This event offers valuable on-the-spot Ecommerce consultation with the objective to effectively enhance the capacity of Digital Marketing! To know why the past attendees recommended this event, check out their saying here!

For anyone who wish to attend both of the events, we are now having Bundle Ticket promo which cost you RM199 /ticket only. Yes! ONE ticket for two events. So grab your Bundle Ticket now with EEC 2018 before the price increases!

P/S: This Bundle Ticket promo is valid until 31 May 2018. The price will increase after.

For everyone who grab the early bird tickets, we will have some freebies to give out as a token of appreciation for your support! Do check your mail or stay tuned for next blog post for the announcement!

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