[Part 2] Your Ultimate Secret GUIDEBOOK to Digital Marketing – NUGGETS OF WISDOM Fresh from the Oven of EIMS 2016


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To apply Mr. Leong’s digital marketing methods practically in a digital society, a panel discussion was held on the topic of digital marketing trends, moderated by Kanika Agrawal of Passion Peers and with insights from Mr. Leong, Tara Yoon (Google Analytics), Ashley Ong (Google Partner Academy) and Mugilan Chitambram (Targetzen).

The panel discussed and offered their viewpoints about 4 important digital marketing trends and their applications, namely:

#1 Data

Cited by Kanika as a revenue-generating function in a company, the ability to act on data well depends on marketers utilizing various digital skills.

According to Ashley, the TOP 3 DIGITAL SKILLS IN DEMAND today are creating good Google ads, having mobile-responsive websites, and good video advertising.

Mugilan adds that data analysis on existing leads, which usually tend to be overlooked, is crucial to help marketers think of the next steps to take and develop follow-up strategies.

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#2 Mobile advertising

People use their mobile devices to access the Internet more than ever before, which makes good mobile strategy increasingly vital to marketers.

An important part of that hinges on utilizing search engine optimization (SEO) well, which according to Tara, helps websites rank higher and drives more traffic to mobile campaigns – something that can be assisted by powerful Google Analytics tools.

Mugilan added to that by discouraging the use of auto-submissions and backlinks; he explained that although once a popular and effective traffic generator, auto-submissions these days tend to get lost in the crowd or worse still, create negative reputations for companies when such sites get flooded with spam traffic from illegal or porn websites.

#3 Content

According to Kanika, Web-optimized content is all the rage today – listicles and video content sites are sprouting on the Internet.

That being said, there is still a need for solid, relatable content – Mr. Leong emphasized that marketers should not try to outsmart the system with catchy phrase-words and the like WITHOUT backing it up with content that customers could genuinely engage with, which in turn builds lifetime customer value.

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#4 Social media

With an ever-growing user base, social media is a powerful tool to build digital sales – something that all experts agreed on.

Ashley cites Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest as good sites to build end-user customer bases, while Mugilan added that LinkedIn caters to professionals and decision makers, making it a good social platform for B2B marketers.

However, Mr. Leong and Tara also emphasized the importance of choosing the right social media platform over choosing the most popular social media platform.

Tara further encouraged marketers to delve into two social media strategies, namely remarketing and identifying similar audiences, to identify potential customers.

The talks ended with a Q&A session, where participants had the opportunity to field various questions to them regarding the feasibilities and specific ways to implement digital marketing strategies to their firms. Here’s to more effective digital campaigns, increased reach, and maximized customer engagement!

Part 3 coming soon. Stay tuned!

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