4 Ways To Promote Business Websites And Increase Traffic



Does your website have low traffic? Are you curious about WHY others have thousands or hundred thousands of visitors? There are in fact, a few effective ways which can promote your business websites and increase traffic.


1) Social Media

 Do you have any social media account or fan page such as Facebook? If your answer is NO, this is one of the reasons your website is not getting enough traffic.

Start promoting your website with FREE media channel such as Facebook to save your company plenty of financial resources.

You are able to see the powerful effects on your business once you have a Facebook fan page for your business. Facebook can help to attract thousands of visitors or more to view your website. Benefit from the power of Facebook. Use it to boost your website traffic and generate profits FOC, by promoting your company products and services! Remember to include a link which will bring your fan page followers to your website.


2) Direct Mail

Some might still be under the impression that sending emails to customers from time to time is unnecessary as many fear that customers would consider the emails as SPAM. The truth is emails can help your business greatly if used correctly.

You can use direct email to keep reminding your customers of your existence. One way of achieving this is to send greeting emails to them from time to time especially during festive seasons.

Besides, you can collect your prospects’ email addresses by offering them free gifts. With more and more customer email addresses in your database, you can inform them of your promos and let them click on the link provided in the email before directing them to your websites.


3) Guerilla Marketing

Using an attractive way to promote your company website or brand name, guerilla marketing is a good method to increase the traffic of your company webpage. It will make people remember your brand name easily and people may start to surf your company website and increase traffic.

You can start the first step by designing creative and special business cards. Most of the business cards are in rectangle shape with a name and contact number. Think out of the box! Create something different to attract customer attention.


4) Coupons

This is another way to drive traffic to your website. You can distribute free gifts or coupons to customers and require them to first visit your website and key in their contact info (such as email addresses) before redemption. This will help in boosting your web traffic as well.

Coupons if used correctly can help your business to build a good relationship with the customers and gain their trust at the same time. Once they have experienced your good products and services, they will definitely come back.


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