Best Practices For Your WordPress Management


WordPress is a powerful platform for online businesses to run their websites in the easiest but effective way. However, are you sure you are running your WordPress sites in the right way? Do you ever get frustrated managing your website? 

If you are searching for the solutions for the issues you faced while managing your WordPress sites, you can expect to gain much from the upcoming WordPress Workshop! This Webinar especially designed for our valued WordPress hosting clients to gain insights into managing their WP sites and it is totally free of charge!

What can you learn?

This WordPress Workshop will focus on the best practices in WordPress management and cover several important aspects including installing the right plugins, the “myth” of SEO, the right way to perform a backup, the recommended security practices, and so much more. 

The Speakers 

We’re pleased to have our speakers, Julian Song, Director of Uelement Sdn Bhd and Jonath Lim, Consultant & Designer of JLEX Creative to shed some light on this important topic and help enhance your WordPress management!   

Event Details: 

  • Date: 20 January 2021
  • Time: 2.00PM to 4.00PM
  • Venue: Zoom Webinar 


2PM to 3PM: WordPress Basic Setup & Management 

By Julian Song, Director, Uelement Sdn Bhd 

  • WordPress General
  • Theme
  • SEO
  • Basic Optimization
  • Security 
  • Management (Plesk, Plesk Backup, Speed Kits, Staging, Revamp)

3PM to 4PM: WordPress Optimization

By Jonath Lim, Consultant & Designer, JLEX Creative 

  • Why optimize?
  • How WordPress works?
  • How caching works?
  • Hosting server types
  • How to test your website performance
  • The importance of selecting the right theme & plugin
  • Recommended caching plugins
  • Optimization plugins
  • Proper media format usage
  • Media optimization plugins recommendation
  • Good practices in WordPress

to rediscover how WordPress works and find out if you are running your sites in the simplest and effective way possible. At the same time, equip yourself with the skills, knowledge and best practices in managing and optimizing your WordPress site!  


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Tan Ee Jack
Tan Ee Jack
3 years ago


Tan Ee Jack
Tan Ee Jack
3 years ago

Great article !