9 Tips to Improve Your E-Commerce Product Pages


9 Tips to Improve Your E-Commerce Product Pages

In recent years, the business operation model of many businesses in Malaysia has changed gradually from offline business to online business.

Many had started to expand and grow their business through E-commerce. As a result, E-commerce platforms are getting more competitive by the day. 

Now businesses are keen to find out how to stay ahead among the competition when it comes to selling their products online

In this regard, improving your E-commerce product pages is definitely an effective way to boost sales and revenue. 

Here are some great tips for you:

1. Let the Image Do the Talking

Nowadays, most of us are using smartphones for almost everything as we are now living in a fast-paced digital age.

Most shoppers do not have a very long attention span and would prefer to quickly browse through the search results unless there is something that grabs their attention. 

So what’s the effective way to attract people’s attention so that they look at your products? Big, clear, high quality product photos! The images should also be well-lit from various angles in order to achieve and enhance in-person experience as much as you can. 

Pictures speak louder than words. High quality product photography can help build trust for your brand among the shoppers. Since shoppers are unable to feel or touch your products in person, they depend largely on your product images/photos. 

An impressive product image will help cover the information of your products and also encourage/convince the buyer to purchase from you.

2. Construct Expressive Product Descriptions

Shoppers will browse the product descriptions when they are interested in your products. They are eager to know the details of the products quickly and also the payment methods. 

Product descriptions can be used as a tool to encourage and entice people to purchase your products. To achieve this, the product description needs to be concise. 

Avoid redundant and robotic product descriptions. Do not cover too many keywords in your product details. Short, clear and engaging product details can provide an imagination about the usage of your products to the customers. 

3. Highlight the “Add to Cart” Button

Having a clear call-to-action plays an important role in your product pages. 

A CTA acts as a button that enables the shoppers to purchase by adding products to their shopping cart or basket. You can place the button so that it stands out from the rest of the content while giving simple instructions to the website users. 

The design of the CTA is important and it will affect the performance of your website. The basic colour theory should be integrated while implanting CTA on your website in order to enhance customer experience and increase the conversion rate. 

4. Minimize Visual Clutter

Minimizing unnecessary visual clutter will help in keeping your shoppers’ attention. 

Unnecessary visual clutter will cause inconvenience to shoppers as they need to spend a longer time to obtain the product information

Shoppers will get annoyed easily if they have to read long product descriptions. In fact, they just want to scan the product details as if they are in the menu.

Moreover, shoppers are also looking for other details speedily by scanning your product page and looking for key information.

5. Incorporate Customer Reviews and Trust Badges 

Customer testimonials should not be neglected as they play an important role in selling your products. Customer testimonials are vital in acknowledging or approving a product’s effectiveness. 

Customer reviews can help convince and create trust in your products among the shoppers. 

Most of the new shoppers tend to rely on customer reviews when doing online shopping. They will read the customer review before they purchase. 

A study conducted in 2020 shows that there is a strong relationship between online shoppers and customer review.

The customer review is a powerful tool that can influence customer decisions.    

6. The Rule of Reciprocity

The rule of reciprocity has a greater impact on people’s behaviour. The rule of reciprocity is known as a social norm where you will feel obligated to return the favor when someone does a favor for you

This reciprocity rule is normally applied in the marketing field. As an E-commerce business owner, you can also implement this theory to your business. 

Try to apply the rule of reciprocity by placing freebies in your product pages. In addition, sellers can offer buyers some free samples or gifts after they have completed the purchase. 

7. Show Product Availability

The demonstration of product availability has a certain impact on customer’s purchase intention. 

Product availability needs to always display in your product pages. 

The stock status of the product variants — whether in-stock or out of stock also need to be displayed clearly to the customer on your product pages.  

Displaying product availability provides convenience and ease the shopper’s shopping process. Shoppers no longer need to waste their time checking product availability by undergoing the process of clicking through various options and picking a size. 

This also helps in enhancing customer experience on your website. 

8. Cross-sell related products

Cross-selling related products or product bundles is also one of the methods you can use to gain more sales in your product pages.

It can trigger the interest of shoppers. Shoppers will be induced and encouraged to purchase more products when you cross-sell related products. This will help increase your average order value and also the conversion rate

Product recommendations should be placed conveniently on the visitor side when they are browsing the product page so that customers do not have to spend extra time to re-browse and restart a new search.

9. Promote FREE Shipping

Shipping option definitely has a greater impact on customer purchase decisions. About 60% of shoppers tend to abandon their shopping cart where free shipping is not available.

Free shipping not only acts as an incentive to encourage and convince shoppers to purchase online but also will help in increasing your average order value and rate of conversion. At the end, you will gain a higher revenue. 

Just remember that you should use the free shipping option wisely to ensure its greatest effectiveness. 


As you can see, there are a lot of “secret recipes” in setting up and also improving your E-commerce store. 

All these small little practices have a dramatic impact on customer purchase intention.

Last but not least, the analytics, heatmaps, and even other things that would inform the users on how they can interact with your site should also be checked frequently

Product pages give the first impression to the shopper about your site. It has a greater influence on your business profitability.

Hence, it’s important to get the product page right.



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