Digitalisation in Fish Market Successfully Reaching Young Customers


Everything in our lives is slowly being digitised. People around the world are becoming more familiar and used to living with advanced technology, trying to get everything done digitally.

The way people purchase products and services has transformed due to the convenience of advanced technology such as online payments, e-wallets, and online shopping. 

To adapt to this digital world, some businesses have started taking steps to digitally transform to preserve themselves during this pandemic. Some business owners may think growing a business online is difficult because they have run their business traditionally for decades.

However, digital transformation is not impossible for traditional business, as The Fish Club, a seafood seller in Malaysia, has shown through its successful digital transformation. 

The Fish Club – Before Digital Transformation

Image Source: The Fish Club Website.

The Fish Club was created in Pontian by a group of fishermen and fishmongers who were all good friends and family. The Fish Club’s history dates back many years, and the business has been passed down to many generations.

Its roots were in a little town where everyone knew one another. Today, the business still uses traditional methods to capture seafood, and The Fish Club families still live in traditional wooden houses!

The families have been fisherman and seafood suppliers for years. They have operated their business in a traditional way for three generations.

They would capture seafood early in the morning and immediately send it to the market to maintain freshness. Eventually, something started to change when the business passed down to the fourth generation. 

The Fish Club – After Digital Transformation

Image Source: The Fish Club Facebook Page

To attune to today’s trends, The Fish Club started to move their business online two years ago. The Fish Club’s digital transformation allowed it to successfully receive orders online, bringing convenience to the customers who do not like to visit wet markets. The Fish Club then delivers the fresh seafood to the customers’ doors. 

The viral trend of live-streaming on Facebook to sell products inspired The Fish Club to give it a try, and the result was better than they imagined! The first time the company live-streamed, it attracted around 6,000 viewers, and they played fun games to interact with the audiences. 

By live-streaming on Facebook, The Fish Club reached young potential customers, bringing in more sales and loyal customers.

The online customers are mostly young people between the ages of 30 and 40 years old. This company proved that growing your business online will help expand your young customers base, effectively converting them into loyal customers. 

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