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From LeonFast Hardware to BIG BATH, the foremost chain retail store specializing in bathroom and kitchen supplies in Malaysia, how did this brand with over 40 years of history undergo a digital transformation?

And what benefits did they gain from this transformation?

Today, let Exabytes Retail Hero and BIG BATH CEO, Poon Fong Yee, share the story of BIG BATH’s digital transformation with you.

Big Bath: Malaysia’s Premier Chain Brand for Bathroom and Kitchen Supplies

BIG BATH originated from Leonfast Hardware, primarily engaged in wholesale and B2B businesses.

In 2010, after Shane Mun assumed the role of CEO upon returning from the UK, the company underwent a transformation into a B2C model and opened its first BIG BATH store.

Today, Big Bath has 10 branches across Malaysia, focusing on providing customers with high-end bathroom and kitchen products and offering professional after-sales service teams, including installation and repair services.

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Prioritizing the Pre-Purchase Experience

As the CEO of Big Bath, Poon Fong Yee pointed out, “BIG BATH offers affordable prices for bathroom and kitchen products, with a strong emphasis on providing customers with an experiential showroom, allowing them to have a hands-on experience before making a purchase.

This is because BIG BATH’s products have a long lifespan, and a single purchase can last for many years, making the pre-purchase experience crucial for customers.”

At BIG BATH’s showroom, customers can personally experience the products and assess their quality and practicality.

Since its opening in Puchong Princess City in 2010, BIG BATH’s chain stores have gradually expanded to Kuala Lumpur, Kepong, Seremban, Sabah, Ipoh, and Johor.

The latest addition is the Penang branch, the 9th experiential store in the chain. BIG BATH aspires to be the leader in Malaysia’s bathroom and kitchen market, focusing on providing customers with high-quality products and professional service.

Fong Yee highlighted that BIG BATH’s business philosophy revolves around “experience before purchasing” for customers.

The various branded products, such as toilets, faucets, rain showerheads, and washbasins, are equipped with water flow devices during display for on-site demonstration and experiential purposes.

This feature not only captivates customers’ attention but also serves as a significant factor influencing their purchase decisions.

Adapting to the Pandemic and Establishing Customer Communication Mechanisms

Fong Yee emphasized that in the current global pandemic situation, various industries have faced severe challenges. BIG BATH is no exception.

When confronted with the impact of the pandemic, BIG BATH encountered significant hurdles, with 8 stores and 120 employees unable to operate or conduct business.

However, they didn’t back down; instead, they took decisive action. They swiftly launched an online membership system using the POS system, reaching out to all customers via their contact numbers, reestablishing connections, and providing reliable services.

Fong Yee explained that BIG BATH implemented a series of measures and established a comprehensive customer communication mechanism, aiming to increase engagement and enhance brand loyalty.

“We accelerated the implementation of our transformation plan and within just three days, we launched the e-commerce system. We expedited the setup of missing data and systems.”

Previously, BIG BATH solely operated through physical stores without proper data analysis or insights regarding customer visits, purchases, business performance, and more.

“Thus, the accelerated execution of our transformation plan allowed us to bring about real change. We established our own online store, with an O2O system that drives online traffic and facilitates offline transactions.

We developed a membership CRM system, integrating all systems together. Presently, every department and position has access to data. Customer flow, purchase frequency, non-purchase instances, demographics, advertising expenses, and more are meticulously recorded.”

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“We no longer base decisions solely on intuition, as we did in the past. Instead, we support every decision with data. This data-driven approach makes it easier for us to attract new talent, particularly those born in the ’90s and ’00s.

Consequently, we can’t manage employees using outdated methods from 20 years ago; rather, we need to rely on data to drive decision-making.

We make the goals, strategies, and processes of each position data-driven, ensuring everyone has a clear understanding of their objectives.”

Fong Yee emphasized that a data-driven mindset played a pivotal role in BIG BATH’s transformation journey. It not only helped them overcome the challenges brought by the pandemic but also enabled them to adapt more effectively to future development trends.

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Ensuring Quality and Customer-Centricity

“BIG BATH doesn’t simply sell bathroom and kitchen products; we prioritize quality assurance and customer experience. This is one of the reasons why BIG BATH has become a leading professional brand and the foremost bathroom and kitchen chain store in Malaysia.”

She highlighted their recognition for quality monitoring and assurance.

Additionally, BIG BATH provides personalized consultation services, values customer-centric brand principles, ensures competitive product prices, offers a diverse range of product accessories, and has introduced a membership system.

These measures have firmly established BIG BATH’s position in the market.

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Fong Yee added that BIG BATH is a company that places utmost importance on quality and customer experience. Their actions during the pandemic exemplify their agility and flexibility.

Establishing a comprehensive customer communication mechanism remains one of the key factors contributing to BIG BATH’s success in the market.

“By maintaining constant communication with customers, we gain a better understanding of their needs, enabling us to provide enhanced service and experiences.

This has led to increasing word-of-mouth referrals and brand loyalty, making BIG BATH the go-to choice for customers seeking bathroom products.”

Committed to Providing the Best Products, with a Clear Objective: 

As Malaysia’s first licensed chain operation specializing in bathroom and kitchen supplies, BIG BATH has always remained committed to quality monitoring and assurance.

The brand’s core philosophy revolves around customer-centricity, providing personalized consultation services, and striving to become the leading professional brand in Malaysia’s bathroom and kitchen chain store market.

Concurrently, BIG BATH has made specific commitments regarding product pricing, the introduction of diverse product accessories, and the launch of a membership system, all aimed at ensuring customers receive the finest service and product experience.

Moving forward, BIG BATH plans to enter the Malay market in 2023 and open more experiential stores across different states, enabling a broader audience to access high-end and affordable bathroom products.

Through extensive development of experiential stores, BIG BATH aims to expand its brand presence in a wider market, offering more people the opportunity to enjoy their quality products and services.

Furthermore, the milestone not only marks an important achievement for BIG BATH but also represents a significant step towards their objective of expanding into the Southeast Asian market.

With continuous growth and expansion, we have strong confidence that BIG BATH will realize this goal in the near future.

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