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A decade ago, the most important thing to a physical store was the cash register at the counter. During that time, no one ever thought that there could be a complete system that could do the job of a cash register, organize inventory, take care of membership management, handle invoice taxation, and more.

However, the technology used in the retail industry is advancing rapidly. The POS system, which was regarded as ‘impossible’ when it was first introduced, has long since become popular and an essential tool in most physical retail stores.

The functions of the POS systems on the market today are pretty much perfect. However, we all know that technology is like a “spaceship” that is always moving forward.

While Malaysia is entering the first year of New Retail, how can the POS system be upgraded? What will its next form be?

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In this regard, the Exabytes New Retail team is excited to have invited Flexsoft Technology’s CMO, Mr Gavin Lew to give us his insights.

A Solution Provider Who Grows with the Customers

The POS system has been around since the turn of the millennium. But because this high-end technology was expensive back then, most stores still used cash registers and billed customers manually. The POS system was seen as unattainable.

Flexsoft Technology was founded in 1998 to fill this gap in the market by promoting point-of-sale (POS) systems for the retail market and making a set of software with all the functions retailers need to improve their store sales.

Lee, Founder of Flexsoft, Gavin Lew, CMO of Flexsoft
Mr Lee, Founder of Flexsoft (Left), Gavin Lew, CMO of Flexsoft (right)

Gavin Lew, Director of Corporate Marketing of Flexsoft Technology, said that as the market gradually verified the feasibility and reliability of the Flexsoft Technology system, it was well received and their business soon covered virtually the entire retail industry, including medical, wholesale, supply merchants, etc.

As time passed, POS systems evolved into a basic, must-have tool for the majority of domestic retail stores. In addition to Flexsoft Technology, there are now hundreds of POS system providers on the market.

However, Gavin emphasized that the difference between Flexsoft Technology and other POS system providers on the market is that they can provide customers with tailor-made, customized solutions rather than a set of ‘one size fits all’ system.

flexsoft target audience

“We would try to understand the direction of customers first, the problems they face, and the results they are looking for. Then we will cooperate according to their needs, so customers are not only buying software but also a set of business solutions that are most suitable for them,” added Gavin.

Gavin pointed out that because Flexsoft Technology has its own R&D, service, and consulting teams, they can provide customers with better after-sales service and grow together with them.

“Flexsoft Technology is more than just a company that sells retail tools. It is a solution provider that grows with its customers.”

Keeping Up with the Times to Drive Business Growth

According to Gavin, Flexsoft Technology has encountered two major challenges since 1998. The first time was when Malaysia implemented the Goods and Services Tax (GST) system, and the second time was during the pandemic.

The First Challenge

When the government announced the implementation of GST, many merchants requested to upgrade the functions of the POS. Our R&D team worked around the clock to help our customers upgrade the system.

With great teamwork, the Flexsoft Technology team successfully ensured all customers were able to operate and conduct their business transactions smoothly after the GST system was put in place.

flexsoft hardware system demo

The Second Challenge

“Following the pandemic outbreak in 2020, merchants have reached out for our assistance in bringing their business online.”

Gavin added that although going digital was already in the company’s plan, due to the pandemic, the team had to carry out the plan a year ahead of schedule and integrate O2O, OMO, and other related functions online.

The 4 Advantages of New Retail

Gavin believes that while the country is entering the OMO New Retail era, merchants must keep up with the pace of the new era in order to drive business growth.

He said that implementing new retail has four benefits: helping merchants get more business, spreading out business risks, controlling costs, and making businesses more competitive.

shopping mall

Merchants should have their own website and app in addition to physical stores so they can reach more people through different channels. This will increase the number of repeat purchases and improve business performance.

Gavin said that everyone learned the hard way during the epidemic that they couldn’t run their retail business through one channel only.

herefore, through New Retail, online and offline are connected to bring customers a seamless buying experience, allowing the physical store and online store to complement each other, thereby diversifying business risks.

With the new retail model, stores can also use big data to analyze the placement of goods in a more accurate way. Gavin added that merchants can also save money by delivering goods straight from manufacturers to customers’ homes.

“New retail can also bring consumers a full and complete buying experience, so they can receive high-quality services whether they buy offline or online. This leads to higher customer value and loyalty.”

If a Workman Wishes to Do a Good Job, He Must First Sharpen His Tools

The POS system is indispensable and plays an important role in the new retail model.

Gavin said that as time passes, Flexsoft Technology plans to incorporate cloud technology into the system in the next three years and provide merchants with AI (artificial intelligence) and BI (business intelligence). Analysis has made the system more convenient and the process more optimized.

E-commerce is becoming more common nowadays. Therefore, our system has to keep up and upgrade by taking sales goals, inventory management, and different business models into account. The future of our system won’t be limited by physical location.

Merchants will be able to use our services anytime, anywhere, as they see fit. These include getting reports on the cloud and operating the system remotely.

coding on screen

“Through years of interaction with various companies, we learned that behind each success is a detailed and meticulous plan. If you want to do things well, you must first sharpen your tools. As long as you have a good, solid system, a well defined goal, and good strategies, you can achieve your desired result.”

Gavin Lew, 刘胜喜 from flexsoft
Gavin Lew

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