Advanced SEO Bootcamp – SEO is All About Strategy!


Date: 6 October 2012
Venue: Cititel Mid Valley, Kuala Lumpur

People who are well versed in SEO know that “link building” is important. Well, maybe NOT anymore!

According to our facilitator who has 20 years of experience in Information Technology Consultancy, E-Commerce and Internet Marketing, since the latest update of Google Penguin, link building is no longer as important as it used to be.

seo bootcamp by exabytes

Revealing the secrets of SEO to us was Francis Lui from Nexus who has helped several famous corporations such as AirAsia, Samsung and Hyundai to achieve SEO excellence.

We were extremely pleased to have him with us at the bootcamp, an online marketing training event jointly organized by Exabytes and Nexus in Kuala Lumpur on “How to Optimize Your Website via Organic Traffic?”

seo bootcamp by exabytes

“What about domain authority?” Francis asked our very eager participants.

A selfless expert in SEO, he then dished out his valuable pieces of advice one after one, captivating the attention of fellow participants.

So how can a website have better credits in the eye of Google?

  • Domain authority: The information written under domain information should be similar to your website contact info such as your address, contact number, email address.
  • If you run an e-Commerce site, Do Not turn on Category in URL. By doing this, you can:
  1. Shorten the URL
  2. Avoid duplicating category name and the product name in the URL
  3. Avoid being marked as keyword spamming (keyword stuffing) in the eye of Google

seo bootcamp by exabytes
Soon the event took a 15-minute break at around 10.00am for everyone to refresh themselves.

Subsequently, Francis continued his sharing without further delay.

Interaction between our facilitator and the audience started to heat up; many participants were seen raising their questions and Francis taking them one by one.
seo bootcamp by exabytes
seo bootcamp by exabytes
The topics covered after the break were nothing less important.

Here, we have also included a summary on how your website can be more SEO-focused.

    1. Only 2-3 keywords are recommended in a single paragraph.
    2. Website owners should focus on long-tailed keywords.
    3. Do not copy content from other websites. Create your own content instead.
    4. Website domain should be between 8-12 characters and preferably does not consist of a hyphen.
    5. Website loading speed is also vital. Loading time over 7 seconds will create higher bounce rate for a website.
    6. Social media plays an important role in enhancing your website’s SEO.
    7. Increase the interaction with visitors, for example, by allowing your them to comment on your products / services.

seo bootcamp by exabytes
Time flies when you are enjoying learning.

Towards the end of the event, the first book written on the success story of Exabytes, “From Zerobyte to Exabytes” and the DVD set recorded from this year’s grand scale Exabytes eCommerce Conference were introduced to the participants.

“From Zerobyte to Exabytes” could be bought at the bootcamp at RM38 while a value pack that included both the DVD set and the book was offered at a special price, RM210.
seo bootcamp by exabytes
While profits gained from selling “Zerobyte to Exabytes” and Exabytes eCommerce Conference DVDs would be donated to SMK Yuk Choy, Nexus would also be donating all its profits from the bootcamp to the school.
seo bootcamp by exabytes
seo bootcamp by exabytes
Before everyone bid farewell to each other, we had a simple certificate presentation ceremony to award each of the participant a certificate of participation.

Group photo taking session ensued; finally, we left with a memorable and wonderful learning experience.
seo bootcamp by exabytes
Exabytes and Nexus wish to thank all participants for their active involvement and wonderful support.

We look forward to see your websites rank at the top of search engine results soon!

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