GRAND BALLROOM, GENTING INTERNATIONAL CONVENTION CENTRE, OCTOBER 28, 2011 − The winners of Golden Bull Award 2011, the most prestigious and representative annual business award which honors the best of SMEs in Malaysia by presenting to them their highly deserving recognition for their hard-earned success and exceptional achievements, were announced on October 28 in Malaysia’s popular mountain-peak tourist destination, Genting Highlands.

This year, some 100 outstanding Malaysian companies were given the greatest honor in the business world, which included the winners of

  • EMERGING SMEs and 

Having won a total of 2 Golden Bull Awards in the past years (2007 & 2008), Exabytes is extremely delighted and proud to receive the award once again in 2011! No doubt, it is also a huge recognition to our CEO Mr. Chan Kee Siak who has all this while dedicated his time and energy in leading the best team.

All glorious winning SMEs, like the previous years, are now entitled to:

  • the Golden Bull Award 2011 trophy and a certificate at the grand Award Presentation Ceremony
  • the authorization to use the Golden Bull Award 2011 logo on their corporate collaterals
  • the valuable exposure, trust, recognition and networking opportunities with other entrepreneurs and business fraternity
  • exclusive publicity coverage from Nanyang Siang Pau, Nanyang On-line and other supporting media
  • provision of the opportunities to promote their businesses through international trade offices and associations, thus opening doors to global markets and creating reliable trade and business lead
  • the membership of SME International Cooperation Association of Malaysia for a period of two years and be part of its global SME network etc

Truly, the criteria of winning the Malaysia’s most prestigious business award are not something achievable by solely luck. It is business endeavor coupled with perseverance, great business mind and far-sightedness.

In order to qualify, all winners must achieve annual sales turnover of RM5 million and above up to RM75 million in the last three financial years under the award category of ‘Outstanding SMEs’, annual sales turnover of RM75 millions and above up to RM150 millions in the last three financial years under the award category of ‘Super Golden Bull’ and annual sales turnover below RM5 millions in the last three financial years under ‘Emerging SMEs’. As for ‘Golden Bull ICT Transformation Award’, SMEs must have successfully transformed themselves into high-growth companies through adoption of ICT in the areas of:

  • Advertising and Promotion
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Management Efficiency & Communications 


Evaluation of the companies’ management and financial performance were carried out based on extremely strict criteria and was performed by the world’s renowned public accountant and auditor Ernst & Young within the following industry groupings:

  • Real estate and construction
  • Manufacturing
  • Trading
  • Telecommunications and ICT
  • Service sector
  • Others 

To impress the judges, companies must do exceptionally well in management, corporate uniqueness and philosophy, projected plan to grow in the next 3 to 5 years, major innovations, market presence, information technology usage, operating profit before tax, sales turnover, profit growth over last three years and turnover growth over last three years.

The golden bull trophy, a symbol of energy and determination represented by the bull, the worthiness of each outstanding SME represented by the glittering gold, the readiness of outstanding SMEs to take on the challenges of globalization represented by the shining star, the five human benchmark of achievement – perseverance, confidence, diligence, dynamic and innovation represented by the five-pointed crystal star and transparency which insures a level playing field for all nominees represented by the transparent glass.

Not only is the Golden Bull Award a prestigious honor to embrace, it is also an impetus for success and inspiration for numerous rising entrepreneurs in the country. For the past 9 years, it has aimed to promote the development of SMEs as the catalysts of economic growth, instill a culture of benchmarking among SMEs, encourage more SMEs to increase their productivity and quality through modern management skills, ICT, research and development as well as equip SMEs in facing the challenges and opportunities arising from globalization and trade liberalization.

Indeed, it has proudly achieved it!

Once again, hats off to Golden Bull Award and good job to Exabytes and Exabees!!

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