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Digital Marketing Strategist - An Internet marketing enthusiast from Malaysia. Keep up to date on current online trend and marketing knowledge

Success Story: Lion File

Lion File - A manufacturer and exporter of Stationery products achieved 30% growth in sales every month after digitalising their business through Exabytes.

Success Stories: Odamakan

An inspiring success story of a local food delivery service provider. Odamakan, a food delivery service provider, connects restaurant operators, stall operators and home-based food entrepreneurs with customers looking for food to be delivered to their doorstep.

Sama-Sama Digital: Introduction of All-In-1 Digital Solutions

You may be confused about which plan in Sama-Sama Digital Program is most suitable for your business. Let me explain everything for you.

A Powerful Key Success Factor of Business: Cross-Selling!

Cross Selling is a powerful key success factor for businesses. Check out the 5 Case Studies of Successful Malaysian Entrepreneurs.

REVEALED!! eCommerce Landscape & Opportunities 2020 and Beyond!

The latest Malaysia eCommerce landscape and opportunities - amid COVID-19, it’s now important for businesses to adapt to a changed business landscape.
Success Stories: 303 Runcit

Success Stories: 303 Runcit

A success story of a traditional grocery store that decided to take their business online after an unprecedented pandemic
5 Steps to Sustain Hair Saloons Business Amid the COVID19 Pandemic

How Can Hair Salons Sustain Their Business Amid COVID-19?

Many hair salons are still struggling post-MCO. Here are 5 Easy Steps for Hair Salons to Sustain their Business amid the COVID-19 Pandemic.
Microsoft 365 Announcements 2020

New Microsoft 365 offerings for small and medium-sized businesses

Recently, Microsoft has come out with an announcement on the related changes to our Office 365 subscriptions for small and medium-sized businesses
30 Customer Serve Tips You Should Know

30 Customer Serve Tips You Should Know

Improve customer service will increase word-of-mouth referrals & reduce churn rate. But how? Here are 30 Customer Serve Tips You Should Know
E-Commerce: Helpdesk & Revenue - Are they related?

How Helpdesk Boosts the Revenue for E-Commerce?

Did you know helpdesk has a positive impact on your overall revenue? Helpdesk software is highly beneficial to your business, especially for E-Commerce business.