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Digital Marketing Strategist - An Internet marketing enthusiast from Malaysia. Keep up to date on current online trend and marketing knowledge

Success Stories: Odamakan

Odamakan, a food delivery service provider, connects restaurant operators, stall operators and home-based food entrepreneurs with customers looking for food to be delivered to...

Sama-Sama Digital: Introduction of All-In-1 Digital Solutions

Recently, Exabytes has launched a CSR program - #SamaSamaDigital - that provides e-Business solutions for Bumiputera SMEs. You may be confused about which plan...

A Powerful Key Success Factor of Business: Cross-Selling!

Did you know for huge companies like Amazon, cross-selling and product recommendation are said to contribute up to 35% of overall revenues (Source: Invespcro)?...

REVEALED!! eCommerce Landscape & Opportunities 2020 and Beyond!

Amid the global pandemic, it’s becoming more and more important for businesses around the world to adapt to a changed business landscape. Change is...
Success Stories: 303 Runcit

Success Stories: 303 Runcit

Business Digitalisation is no longer an option. It’s now essential for every business in every industry to sustain and grow their business. In the...
5 Steps to Sustain Hair Saloons Business Amid the COVID19 Pandemic

How Can Hair Salons Sustain Their Business Amid COVID-19?

I believe that many businesses were affected during the MCO, especially Hair Salons. Unfortunately, many are still struggling with how to sustain their business...
Microsoft 365 Announcements 2020

New Microsoft 365 offerings for small and medium-sized businesses

Recently, Microsoft has come out with an announcement on the related changes to our Office 365 subscriptions for small and medium-sized businesses—and to Office...
30 Customer Serve Tips You Should Know

30 Customer Serve Tips You Should Know

As a business owner, the most important thing is to increase word-of-mouth referrals and reduce churn rate. But how? The most effective way to...
E-Commerce: Helpdesk & Revenue - Are they related?

How Helpdesk Boosts the Revenue for E-Commerce?

Some businesses like E-Commerce Industry, are hesitant to invest in customer service and see it as a necessary (but annoying) expense. This is a...
Getting Started with Empathy in Customer Support

Getting Started with Empathy in Customer Support

When you are involved in customer support, I believe that you may wonder if there is one skill that you must have. After asking around...