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SEO Trends 2021: Affecting Your Site Ranking!

Read the biggest SEO Trends 2021 that would affect your site ranking, drive potential leads and generate steady revenue: Mobile SEO, Local SEO, Image SEO, etc.

Seize Lucrative Business Opportunities for Export by MATRADE

Get up to RM20,000 subsidy through eTRADE Program to tap into the power of the world’s best B2B Marketplace Platform and kickstart digital marketing campaigns.

Instagram Reels: The Next Channel for Business

Incorporate Instagram Reels into your Digital Marketing Strategy and increase your online presence, boost your brand and create more loyal customers.

Core Web Vitals: New Algorithm Update Affects SEO Ranking

Come May 2021, Core Web Vitals introduced by Google to evaluate the user experience on the web in terms of Speed, Interactivity and Visual Stability will affect its search ranking on Google. Take 2-5 minutes to read it.

7 Reason Advertisers Failed in Facebook Marketing

Why do advertisers fail in Facebook marketing? Low Facebook page quality. Spammy posts every day. Incorrect Ad format. Learn all about it in 1-3 minutes.

Success Stories : MGTC

Learn from the inspiring story of MGTC, the organizer of IGEM that generated a huge response for the events they organized using the power of Digital Marketing.

Google Ads: Use the ABCD Rule to Make the Best YouTube...

Are you making the WORST Video Ads? No one is watching your Video Ads? Let's try the ABCD rule to have your video ads recommended by Google.

Imagining Future: Fashion and Apparel Trends 2021

These Fashion & Apparel Trends will make a big impact in 2021 driving the industry to a new era. Tap on the trend and set your fashion business up for success.

Top 5 Creative Malaysia CNY Story-Based Video Ads 2021

Watch the most touching, heartwarming, meaningful and creative Chinese New Year video ads 2021. Learn how big brands build brand loyalty with video ads.

How Digital Marketing Powers Businesses to Success

Think different, think Digital Marketing! In 2021, a year in which everyone is online, your business needs digital marketing to sustain and stand out.